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Martial Arts Take DownMartial Arts Take DownMartial Arts Take Down

Zenith Martial Arts offers fitness and self-defense in a fun, affordable and exciting atmosphere.


  • Recognized Deliverers of AASC Programs (Active After-School Communities Program, the Australian Governments / Australian Sports Commissions $116m Building a Healthy, Active Australia Sports and Activity Project)
  • Customized children’s program delivering fun, fitness, discipline and health for children between the ages of 5 – 11 years old.
    (see The club, mini martial arts).
  • Martial Arts program incorporating Karate and Aikido, to enhance fitness, strength, stamina and suppleness for all ages.  (see The Club, Martial Arts).
  • Street self-defense offering simple practical and easy to learn techniques for men, women and children of all ages.     (see The Club, Street Defense).
  • Experienced, accredited instructors offering sound help and advice when most needed (see Instructors).
  • Local community based venues and growing.
    • Regular Specialized Training
      Seminars and Family Fun Activities
      for all age groups.
    • Traditional Karate fundamentals/kata Seminars:
      (Kata is a predetermined series of blocking, punching, striking, kicking and evading and countering techniques against single or multiple attackers who may be armed or unarmed)
    • Traditional Karate Kumite Seminars:
      Covering non-contact or light controlled contact and free sparring, on subjects such as initial offensive attack style and defensive counterattack style of fight scenario’s to effective advanced counterattacking, take downs, evasion, footwork and distance and competition strategies.
    • Body Combat Seminars:
      Covering beginners to advanced defensive techniques, be it single or multiple attackers, in a street scenario. Standard reactions of
      Defense, weapon attack strategies.
      Throwing Techniques:
      Seminars cover break falling and basic to advanced Shoulder, Hip, Leg, Hand, and Kick Counter throwing techniques from the standing and ground positions. (Techniques used come from an in-depth experience of Aikido, Aiki-jujutsu, Karate, and Close Quarter Combat techniques used by the military).
    • Restraint and Removal techniques:
      Seminar covers, effective arm, leg locks, sweeping and take downs and escape and evasion techniques.
    • General Street Self Defense:
      Covering unarmed or armed single or multiple attackers (see The Club Street defense for more info).
    • Weapons Training:
      Covering use of Bokken (sword), tanto (knife), Jo (Spear). Plus the defense against and use of every day object as potential weapons.
    • Beach Training:
      Family fun covering a variety of skills for children and adults alike.
    • Kids Olympics:
      Covering a variety of competitive sporting activities both non-martial arts and martial arts orientated Great fun for all the family.

Delivering, expertise and excellence!

The Music playing as you arrived on the page is “Shudan” — its meaning is “gathering of the people, bringing them together in joy and harmony” and exemplifies the the spirit and nature of Zenith Martial Arts.