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Zenith Martial Arts Australia has recognized the changes in social behavior at home on the street and what is becoming even more evident in the workplace and the ever-growing needs of people to have the right to defend themselves against possible verbal or physical conduct against males or females based on discrimination of race, color, creed or gender. So based on the combination of Aikido and Karate at its core and a wealth of experience gained in the military while serving on street patrols in various hots spot around the world. Zenith has developed a Self-Defense and Fitness System that is Reality Based but SIMPLE, PRACTICAL AND EASY TO LEARN while at the same time being presented in a logical framework that can be applied to armed or unarmed attacks and are both efficient and lawful.

Based on simple natural law and instinctive movement the Zenith System is designed to teach real time self defense to all students in the shortest possible time. Practitioners will learn to defend themselves against Strikes, Kicks, Grabs and Chokes from all directions (standing), training also includes fighting on the ground and being attacked with weapons from the one or more aggressors. We will emphasize realistic scenarios and the appropriate defense needed to cope with the attacker, Zenith uses the S.A.F.E method, which means STOP, ACTION, FOLLOW UP, ESCAPE.

Great importance and emphasis is also put into teaching students to spot danger signs and know how to cope and function and to be able to handle the stress and shock that is associated with a sudden and violent verbal or physical attack. We deal with the impact that such attacks have on personal growth, future health and well-being, and take steps to identify, reduce and deal with harassment and bullying in a more positive way. The benefits of such training would be improved attitudes towards others, more productive at work and school, better social behavior, and a more positive outlook.

Subjects Covered:

  • Body language and positioning.
  • Awareness Training and Assertiveness and confidence Building.
  • How to avoid confrontation.
  • Using your voice as a weapon, (tactical communication skills).
  • Tactical Communication Skills (how to talk your way out of trouble)
  • Workplace specific personal safety programs
  • Respond effectively to harassment, bullying and intimidating behaviour.
  • Anti Abduction Techniques.
  • Self Defense From The Front, Rear and ground.
  • Multiple Attacker.
  • Vital Target Areas (know where to strike when you can’t escape)
  • Understanding Body Language.
  • Crime prevention advice for home, car, travel and street.
  • Body Language and Physiological Changes that occur under stress.
  • Avoidance Techniques.
  • Distraction Techniques.
  • Knife & Small Weapons Self Defense.
  • Legislation – How the Law affects Self Defense (know where you stand).
  • The Zenith lifestyle Fitness System (Increase fitness and well being, improve general physique, tones muscle, increases weight loss, and reduces body fat)

Zenith uses various training methods to achieve reality based training including; practical demonstrations, application training, role-play and group discussions.

The benefits of such training would be improved self-esteem and confidence, to feel safe, secure and empowered.


The number of adults physically or sexually assaulted in Australia each year is almost 99,000 (victim survey for over 18s).

The highest incidence of sexual and other assaults reported to police in SA is actually in the 15-25 year age group.

Sexual and other physical assaults in order are likely to occur in:

  1. In the home.
  2. In or around licensed premises.
  3. In the workplace.
  4. The percentage of adult victims/survivors of sexual assault who knew the offender is 65%.
  5. Statistics indicate that a lack of resistance did not increase a woman’s chance of avoiding rape or injury.
  6. Usually fleeing or trying to flee was the most effective but least used strategy.
  7. The more combined strategies involving strong physical aggression together with verbal resistance were used the better the likelihood of avoiding rape.
  8. The most frequently used tactic of talking was ineffective.
  9. All women who did nothing to resist were still raped. These women usually suffer from post event guilt.
  10. People, who acted immediately, aggressively, and vigorously when circumstances forced it, were most effective in resisting. Initially aggressive victims were found to be twice as successful in warding off a rape and other attacks than those who were not.


We have a training session fee of $150.00 plus GST per 1.5 hrs session, or if you wish charge $10.00 per person per 1.5hr session (minimum persons 10)

Duration; 1-10 hours, also available half day or full day.

Our corporate self-defense and fitness programs are an excellent alternative to the traditional martial arts training environment. Where you can learn skills and strategies relevant to everyday situations. Our expertise has been highly praised by many who have participated as our programs our enjoyable and safe learning experience provided by experienced professionally qualified instructors.

If you would like any more information with regards to any of our classes or combinations of classes please contact the Managing Director and Head Instructor personally where you can have an informal chat about your needs or arrange a FREE Consultation to discuss your needs number of personal who would benefit from the courses and costing. Thank you again for perusing our company, we anticipate hearing from you soon.

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