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Your Head Instructor (Chokan Sensei) started his interest in the Martial Arts as a small boy while living in Singapore 1969, where his parents were serving within the British Armed Forces. He practiced a local Chinese/Malay style of martial art called Kong Chiang for a number of years before returning to England.

On his return to the United Kingdom with his family, he tried to find another martial arts club, but at that time they were few and far between. So chose to train at his local boxing club. He took to this type of training easily and competed and won several bouts as a junior and as a senior competed in 47 bouts at several weight divisions and won 44.

Sensei joined the British Armed Forces himself in serving with Tactical Communications within the Rapid Reaction Forces. As a Combat Communications Engineering Specialist, he was engaged in the engineering and operation of a variety of Strategic, Static and Mobile, Voice and Data Communications and Intelligence Equipment.

Sensei saw active service while serving with the Royal Marine Commando and Special Forces units and gained valuable experience in various locations throughout the world.

It was during his military training and service that Sensei’s interest in the Martial Arts/Self Defense and Weapons were re-ignited.

Apart from being highly trained as an Advanced Special Operations and Close Quarter Combat and Weapons Specialist by the military. Sensei also decided to study Traditional Ueshiba Aikido and Karate.

Since leaving the British Armed Forces, Sensei has been engaged in several business projects including owning and running a successful Communications Company. While at the same time being heavily involved with the study and teaching of both Aikido and Karate. From this time on Sensei decided to dedicate his time to the teaching of the Martial Arts Full Time.

For several years Sensei has been very successful as a Managing Consultant for several martial arts institutions in the United Kingdom and Australia. He has been responsible for the expansion of their business growth and the training of Instructors and students alike in both Aikido and Karate. He has taught many training seminars on Karate fundamentals, Kata, Restraint and Removal, effective Locks, Controls and Take Downs together with general Self Defense Strategies and Techniques covering unarmed and armed threats, to the Public, Military, Security and Law Enforcement Agencies.

With over 30 years experience gained within the military and the martial arts, Sensei currently holds a 4th Dan Black Belt in Aikido, and a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Traditional Karate and Budo (Japanese Mixed Martial Arts) and is a Specialist in Self Defense and Body Combat Tactics. He is recognized and highly regarded by various International Combat Martial Arts Unions and Associations in 68 countries.

In addition to this Sensei is recognized by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) as a Martial Arts and Sports Coach/Deliver and delivers programs on-site at schools, as part of a physical education class or as part of the schools Active After-School (AASC) or Out of School Hour’s Child Care Programs (OSHCS), supporting the Australian Governments $116M Building a Healthy, Active Australia Initiative.

Sensei has latterly started his own Traditional Martial Art Club, which is called ZENITH MARTIAL ARTS, meaning the Apex, Pinnacle or the Summit, because he truly believes in the quality of teaching and the traditional values that should be taught to students.

At Zenith, Sensei has successfully created a teaching syllabus combining both Traditional Aikido and Karate, together with some of the most Modern Street Self Defence methods available today; this system is called BUDOKAN, which means ‘martial way’. It is fast becoming a large concern, which continues to attract hundreds of new students on a regular basis as the teaching techniques are SIMPLE, PRACTICAL AND EASY TO LEARN and are presented in a logical framework.

In addition Sensei has developed a FUN, ACTIVE teaching syllabus purely dedicated to YOUNGER STUDENTS from the ages on 5 years old to 12 years old this is called MINI MARTIAL ARTS.

Sensei says, “As the ever-evolving world of the Martial Arts and the Fitness industry continues to change and reach new heights, the people who shape and power the industry endeavor to set their goals higher and higher. With this in mind Zenith is focused on the sole aim of providing both Instructors and Students with the best life enhancing opportunities. Our commitment is to the training of our instructors to deliver FUN, INFORMATIVE classes FOR ALL. Through unparalleled knowledge, from both a technical and personal point of view. Which is not normally found in the industry today, this is the reason why Zenith Martial Arts has a superior and leading edge service”.

Delivering, expertise and excellence!

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