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As previously explained Zenith Martial Arts Australia (Budokan meaning Martial Way) comprises of several traditional martial arts, the main two being that of Aikido and Karate. Making our style of Budokan very flowing, because of the movement, which is incorporated from within Aikido. At Zenith we teach our students to harmonise completely with any attack leading an aggressor to a point of exhaustion (imbalance) and then applying a neutralizing technique such as a throw, joint lock or an immobilisation. This together with the techniques we have incorporated from Karate in which we use the whole of the human body because of the ways in which it moves and twists, together with blocking, punching and striking with the fist, hands and elbows to kicks and strikes with the feet shins, and knees, makes the style a very effective self defence system.

Why the CRANE?

In choosing the badge/logo design I wanted to keep the traditional essence of the martial arts as they did many hundreds of years ago. Where the exponents of the day observed the movement and habits in animals and nature such and trees etc. Also we had to take into account the various techniques, movements, strengths incorporated within our style of Budokan.

After looking and considering many options I decided that the Crane best depicted our style for the following reasons:-

In watching the habits of the crane in their natural environment, we observe that they are very slender and relatively light in build, they are very agile using their quick speed powerfully when required to do so. They prefer indirect confrontation, using the distraction of their wings span to distract an attacker and their feet and body in a undulating and circular movement to side step and quickly unbalance an opponent before striking their aggressor with their long beaks or legs/feet in various pressure points on the upper and lower body. Cranes are also indigenous to Japan and China because of the wet marshlands and have spread over the world in similar habitats; this is in keeping with the origins of the martial arts and its expansion over the world.
In Budokan we move in a similar way (if you are not there, you cannot be hit). We use side-shifting, distraction, angulation, circular spiralling movements in relation to the opponents attack, this opens up our attackers target areas (pressure points) while at the same time unbalancing them, we relax and harmonise like the crane does, we defeat an attack with movement first (softer, speed -Aikido) then counter attack if need be (harder, strength – Karate)


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