alternatives for self defense other then guns?

hey i am writing a research pappers and i am looking for alternatives of self defense other then guns. i already know taser guns
pepper spary

any other official self defense weapons?

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  1. laughter_every_day says:

    I have the butt end of a pool cue nearby in my house. A gun is the only one that allows one to remain out of reach,

  2. Robert H says:

    many things can be used as a weapon for self defense, there just are not any that are as effective as a firearm.

  3. glistam3 says:

    There is the taser, yes, but in practice I’ve found they are not very good for civilians to use. You only get one shot, and they will not work on someone wearing a heavy winter coat.

    Beyond the taser and pepper spray, there are a few.

    The kubotan is a very common one, also known as the yawara or koppo stick. It is nothing more than small 5-8 inch stick made of metal or wood that is held in the fist and used as an impact weapon. The hard points of the stick concentrate the force of the impact into a smaller area, causing more damage. Some are even pointed to cause shallow puncture wounds (they are intended to cause pain, not kill). They are also used for leverage when grappling. Kubotans can also be improvised using many objects, like metal pens or flashlights.

    The walking stick is another. A modern article I read recently referred to walking sticks as the “Last legal self-defense weapon in the world.” This article was referring to the fact that they can be taken on planes or into every nation in the world without a problem.

    The expandable baton is one more. Surprisingly, they are legal in most states in the USA, but illegal in others.

  4. Lance T says:

    Well, in general, a self defense weapon is everything and anything that is available to you at the time you need it. Whether it be a baseball bat, a kitchen knife, or a bottle. The most important thing is to know your enviroment. I have a sort of ladder in which I rank different kinds of weapons, whether it be improvised or other. In general the longer range you have, the safer you are.

    1.Situational awarness-avoid getting into a situation that might warrent the need for the need to defend yourself.

    2.firearm-yes, I know you said no guns, but I’m just saying that they are the perferred thing

    3.taser-it should be said that you only have 1 shot, and that it does not affect people hyped up on drugs the same way it would other people, the one advantage is that it puts some distance between you and the attacker

    4.pepper spray- same deal as the taser, while its a great alternative, there is a small percent of the populous that is not effectied greatly by it. Also make sure to know the range of your can, some can go as far as 25 ft, other only meant to go 3 or 4

    5.bludeons- this includes anything from walking sticks, bats, batons, clubs and a whole lot more. In general a strike to the head, neck or spine will kill or permenantly injure someone, and a strike to the knee or legs should keep them from running after you.

    6.knives- ok, in my opinion, a knife is always a tool first, and you should avoid any kind of knife fight. I’ve trained in knife fighting and fma, and one thing you learn is.. If your going to get into a knife fight, expect to get cut. A slightly more gruesome saying is… when 2 people get into a knife fight, one is going to leave dripping, and the other is going to leave gushing. just hope you are the one dripping. All that being said, knives are very dangerous, but can also be a good visual detterant

    7.fistloads- this includes kubotans, yawara sticks, knuckledusters, sharpies, mini maglites… etc… while this may give you the upper hand against an unarmed assailant, you have to get a little to close for comfort to administer propper holds and strikes.

    Now that we went over all those, I cannot stress the impoprtance of TRAINING, no matter what you pick, please train with it as you plan on using it. Learning martial arts will help you become familliar with footwork and movement, look to see if there are any in your area.

    Cold steel knive company makes some cool self defense products, here are some links.

    and just because it is so awesome, the self defense umbrella

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