Any ideas for a gift for Shotokan karate Sensei?

I am emigrating, so will sadly be leaving my Shotokan Karate club. I wanted to get a small gift for my Sensei, but not sure what. He is not the macho type, and has been really good to me and my family at the club, any ideas?

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6 Responses to Any ideas for a gift for Shotokan karate Sensei?

  1. Odee says:

    I got my Kyokushin teacher a bokken and burned the Kyokushin emblem on the pommel and the Kyokushin kanji up the sides when I moved. He sent me an email a while ago saying that it was getting some good use keeping hands protecting heads.
    Maybe you could do the same thing as a Shotokan practitioner.

  2. Glutton4Punishment says:

    Keep in mind that your Sensei is also a normal person like anybody else outside the Dojo. That might open up some new gift ideas. In the end, you know your Sensei and we don’t. The only thing that is universally a good way of thanking somebody is to tell them exactly how much you appreciate them.

  3. Kokoro says:

    a one inch stack of hundred dollar bills
    a ticket to japan

    all kidding aside gultton has a good idea. what every you decide to get him im sure he will appreciate it

  4. Rikashiku says:

    …..what would we know? Its not like your Sensei knows everyone on Yahoo.

    Give him something he likes or something to remember you guys in the gym. A picture of the gym members or even a Belt with your names on it or a leather jacket?

  5. Neil says:

    If he hasn’t already got it you might buy him a copy of ‘my hand is my sword’ by Robert Trias, a great little karate book that I think is on amazon, he’ll appreciate this being a karateka, you might even write a little dedication inside.
    “Thanks for being a great sensei and for all you’ve taught me.”
    As ever appreciation and honesty are the best gifts, make him feel that your time with him is valued and that he helped you a lot.
    I’ve had to say goodbye to teachers I liked and it isn’t easy, maybe you could agree to keep in touch by email, fairwell doesn’t have to be so final these days.
    Maybe he could recommend a good replacement sensei wherever it is you’re going. Shotokan is a global brotherhood these days.

  6. Shihan Culver says:

    Shotokan necklace, shotokan clock or watch. A book of shotokan karate by funikoshi or best karate series if you know what books he has. My life by funikoshi.
    Other than that, maybe a gift certificate to a japanese steak house. We like to eat too!
    Shihan Culver

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