any one know about shenchido karate?

does anybody know about shenchido karate. i heard about it but dont know what type it involves in the martial art i tryed to check videos but no videos

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3 Responses to any one know about shenchido karate?

  1. Darth Scandalous says:

    The name itself wreaks of fraud.

  2. Chief Raijin says:

    Sounds cool even though im 99.99% sure it doesnt exist.

  3. Andy says:

    I’d say you read some good websites that dismiss what’s sometimes not completely necessary for your own goals. If you want to learn general karate, I’d say that a decent school is okay as long as it is not a fraud school. Although I’d say if you are in UK, one of the people who understand karate slightly more could be Iain Abernanthy, I’d suggest you find a club associated to that teacher who could give you some good information. It’s ultimately down to your own circumstances.

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