Any tips for kumite? (free sparring)?

I’m am twelve years and ive been doin karate for 6 yrs do any of you guys have any suggestions for doing better in kumite

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4 Responses to Any tips for kumite? (free sparring)?

  1. William Julius says:

    aim for places that will hurt

  2. Frank the tank says:

    Keep your hands up.

    Keep it simple, stick with the basics.

    Follow your instructor’s teachings.

  3. Jeff Woods says:

    Keep your head. Stay focused. It’s so easy to let all of your training go right out the door that second that bell rings. It’s the fighter that keeps from getting flustered that will come out on top. Every time.

  4. Karateka says:

    Keep your eyes on your opponent’s eyes. Cover up but stay loose. Avoid telegraphing (doing extra little movements that let your opponent know what you’re about to do). Try to be in constant motion. Take advantage of all 360° (don’t just move straight forward and straight back). Counter when you can (try ushiro geri [back kick] against mawashi geri [roundhouse kick]). Be patient, kumite can get frustrating.

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