Any tips to improve my practice of karate?

I practise karate twice a week! and i wondered if any one had any tips on practising at home!

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7 Responses to Any tips to improve my practice of karate?

  1. ninja man says:

    perfect practice makes perfect, so basically make sure you do everything properly and fix anything you dont

  2. Lex says:

    Karate’s training is heavily rooted in kata. You pick one or two things that your teacher corrected in the dojo, than you turn around and put it in your kata.

  3. Cubbi says:

    Well what do you have at home? If you have a large enough room with a full-body mirror, you can practice kata and stances by yourself. If you have a gym room, you can work out, for example it’s good for your kumite to run on a treadmill at different speeds, alternating slow and very fast, or practice kicks with a suitable punching bag or a dummy.

  4. Sensei Scandal says:

    Just practice your kata repeatedly.

    When you do this, you are embedding the skill and it becomes instinct. That is the true goal of martial arts training. Kata is the DNA of Karate and repetition causes a fusion of the Kata(DNA) and YOUR DNA.

    When you train this way, you will never have to worry about how you will react when you are attacked.

    It’s no secret, but it is the secret to mastery. And it is a secret because many people here believe that you have to create strategies and combinations.

    Shhhh… don’t tell them. Keep it to yourself. Let them be the ones who freeze up or blank out when they are attacked in the street.


  5. shadow boxer says:

    Yes train harder .learn better .ask your sensei questions if your unsure of something .listen to your sensei at all times and take advice and instructions given.
    Practise every single technique you know equally to the point where you have perfected that technique to the best of your ability.
    Same applies to your kata’s and so on.

    Practise makes perfect eventually.

  6. METAL BEAST says:

    it is a good idea to practice your basic techniques at home preferably in front of a large mirror.if you are fortunate enough to have a large area available it would be ideal to practice your kata.even if room is limited you can break your katas down into parts and master them seperately.

  7. No name. says:

    Just go through the moves and katas at home. You need to give yourself feedback to improve, ask yourself “what can I do to make it better?”.

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