Are the Katas and Poomsie of Karate and Taekwondo for self defense memory ?

I mean the hand strikes,Punches,Kicks and blocks are self defense moves done in Katas and Poomsie build muscle memory right ?

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7 Responses to Are the Katas and Poomsie of Karate and Taekwondo for self defense memory ?

  1. Karate Dave says:

    That is a part of it. The kata also contain that applications that are the heart of self defense. Every throw, joint manipulation, and vital point strike are contained in the Kata. They are also used as conditioning tools strengthening your legs. They also teach movement and transition, breathing, balance and a host of other important concepts.

  2. Truth says:

    they are to sharpen technique,speed,control, to build strength and to show off for you friends and family at BBQ’s and get together s….. well i do lol

  3. Leo L says:

    Dave pretty much has it down. Kata contain combinations and sequences of movements that we might not consider on our own. Doing kata forces us to make those movements automatic, like reflexes. Therefore, in an emergency, you automatically launch into the correct stance, block and counter, for any given situation. The more kata you practice, the more techniques and combinations you embed. Complex systems of self defense, like Karate and TKD, operate on the premise that it is better to have many ways to handle a situation. This makes the well trained practitioner unpredictable and difficult to oppose.

  4. Gerry S says:

    Yes, in addition to providing the basic curriculum in most arts. They are mostly about learning transitions. You can train a block a million times, and train a punch a million times, but if you don’t train the transition from block to punch, you will have difficulty using it properly in a fight. The kata/poomsie allow you to train transitions, combinations, stances, balance, movement, etc., all without a partner. This means you can get in many repetitions easily. It also makes it easier for the instructor to spot errors, since there’s no partner to throw a bad punch, making you block differently than the form calls for. (Of course, many of these are also used as two-person forms, to reinforce the balance, timing, and transitions, as well.)

  5. Ymir says:

    You need to look up Iain Abernethy to see what the real kata is, otherwise you won’t be remembering the right movement.

  6. Kokoro says:

    self defense is part of it

    kata is the manual to your style, all the techniques you need all your tactics are locked inside kata

    btw there is no blocks in kata or in karate
    there are locks, traps, chokes, breaks, etc all of which may look like a block but isnt

  7. Avi says:

    there are many application of kata.your thinking is right.its one of the benifits of kata.

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