Are there Online tutorials or instructions that may help me to learn self-defense?

I do not have enough money nor time to take formal karate lessons. Are there any online videos/tutorials/lessons that I will be able to learn from for free? I know that the videos you send me will be as instructional or effective as personal, face-to-face self-defense lessons.

I greatly appreciate all your answers in advance.

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3 Responses to Are there Online tutorials or instructions that may help me to learn self-defense?

  1. Steve says:

    I understand what you are saying when you talk about the time/money commitment for formal martial arts training. I ran self defense studio for years and it isn’t cheap to take lessons.

    The cool thing about the Internet is the wide availability of great information. As a lifelong martial artist and self defense instructor for the past 15 years, I always try to keep up on what’s available online. There are a few programs that are available online that teach you the real meat of self defense. They strip away all the junk and just teach you the stuff that really works in the real world. This is a great course .

    This system is exactly what you’re looking for in regard to practical self defense tactics. Good luck with your self defense training.

  2. Nuhu says:

    yes 10s of techniques you can learn from internet
    also video tutorials are there
    Defense Techniques” should be

    * Instantly effective
    * Quick and decisive
    * Surprisingly simple
    Experienced martial artists know hundreds of techniques, however, when under pressure they will instinctively do what works, rather than pick a matching technique from their vast repertoire of self defense moves.

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