Are you allowed to get things stitched onto your karate gi?

I’m just curious. Or do you have to have the same gi as your classmates in your karate class to show equality?

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9 Responses to Are you allowed to get things stitched onto your karate gi?

  1. Bishy says:

    I used to have badges etc sowed onto mine and no one cared that much I dont think but dont have like 50 million or whatever and make sure they are sewn on good so they dont get ripped off easy!

  2. Ken P says:

    Ask your instructor as it may be different from place to place.

  3. Rev.E.A. says:

    This is another very good question. When I was a boy and first started – never mind when that was – we were NOT allowed to have JACK on there. If my master had seen even a speck of dirt he would have kicked me in the head. Our gi looked very worn but they sparkled like snow.

    These days I think dojo allow you to put the school’s name or symbols on the gi. They may even encourage such displays, but if you are with a traditional master, you’d better ask a senior brother or sister, or even ask the master first.

    I say a personalized gi is better than these slobs who appear at their dojo in sweats.

  4. Kokoro says:

    thats up to your sensei, you need to ask them that question,

  5. David E says:

    It isn’t about equality it is about uniformity.
    Depending on your school / association you can have a lapel patch for your association. Some will also put a flag patch on the shoulders. Other than that no there should be no other markings on a gi. Although some schools are now screen printing the school logo on the back.

  6. LIONDANCER says:

    Only if it is part of the uniform. Most schools will not allow you random adornments.

    Edit: If you compete in more prestigeous tournaments they do not allow anything on your gi at all. It makes sure that you are judged more fair and not one school gets preference over another.

  7. Handsome Man says:

    Normally its just the school badge that is stitched on. Its mostly about uniformity in my opinion. From what i have seen higher ranked students will eventually invest in one of the premium gi available; as opposed to the cheaper one they bought when they started out. So i think its not necessarily about equality.

  8. Chloe Maclean says:

    generally not unless its the badge of your karate club/association. Karate is based on honour and discipline, so you should definitely ask your instructor first :)

  9. scotttomlinson39 says:

    usualy your club badge or assosiation.

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