Can a karate chop to the neck or throat genuinely knock some one out or kill them?

Hi can a karate chop really kill someone or knock em out? And does it requre brute force and can you if posible give explanation to how it does it

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13 Responses to Can a karate chop to the neck or throat genuinely knock some one out or kill them?

  1. Dr. Scholl says:

    It wont kill them unless you involve inhuman force, however if you do it right, it will knock them out. There is a pressure spot located in the neck. Look it up for further details.

  2. LilWelshBabex says:

    You could kill them if you hit them in the throat by there wind pipe as you could collapse it. and stop them from breathin ..

  3. Thelastninja says:

    yes it can. you will need proper instruction to kill with karate. hold your hand likea knife. swing full body into chop, hit neck dead on with incredible force, grace, agility and speed. opponent will drop instantly.

  4. Hugo says:

    Yes It can, To the throat, the airway collapses and the subject can die of asphyxiation. To the neck the spinal cord could be damaged or the neck broken. Unfortunately it doesn’t require a lot of force. To the side of the neck, the carotid artery can be damaged causing a Ioss of blood to the brain causing death or brain damage. I don’t know why you want to know this, but please be careful.

  5. lone butcher Spartan remembers says:

    Yes it can.
    The below explanation is considering it is done correctly by a trained individual. DO NOT attempt to do any of this unless trained by someone who knows.
    It can interrupt parts of the body, when you see people in movies hitting the back of the neck that really can happen… though it can also kill them (Right behind the head is where the tip of the spine is, sever or break this and it is instant death. Military snipers are taught to aim at the teeth of the target, because right behind this is that tip of the spine).
    In the front, it can take less than 30 pounds of pressure to crush the windpipe. You punch somebody’s neck and it not only hurts, but it causes panic and may cause serious damage. You can also damage the arteries on the side of the neck, which would result in the brain not getting enough blood (and therefore oxygen) which can result in blacking out and possibly, and eventually, death.
    It can be done easily and that’s what’s bad about it, brute force is never a match for skill or speed. Anybody can do it but if they aren’t trained they can do it on accident. That’s bad.

  6. Simon says:

    You mean knife hand and yes you can kill someone if you use the right technique and put a lot of force into it. You can even kill someone with medium force used, it just all depends on where you hit them. If used correctly, the person’s wind pipe collapses and therefore cannot breathe. It’s something you don’t want to mess around with, very dangerous move.

  7. wesleyf says:

    little is really known of knocking on out, they assume it is minor trauma to the brainstem, a chop to the neck will not knock someone out, knock outs are considered to be caused by a sharp rotation of the spine, or trauma to the temples, that interrupts the electrical flow of the nervous system.

  8. M-Tri says:

    KO is much more possible than a kill, though that isn’t impossible.

    During the beginning of a fight the blood flow to the brain is very fast as adrenaline builds to a peak, and at this time it is very easy to get a KO with an accurate shot to the Carotid Artery. Usually a kick is best, but a powerful well placed chop also works for those who do it well.

  9. Woodie. says:

    There are several blows to the throat,under the nose and to the solar plexus which correctly administered could kill.
    No responsible person would describe these techniques,or explain them to a novice.
    Join a karate club and try some practice!

  10. callsignfuzzy says:

    A strike to the side of the neck may collapse or rupture the carotid artery. A strike to the back of the neck may sever the spinal column. A strike to the throat may collapse the esophagus.

    But you’ll need a lot of force for most of those. The human body is extremely resilient.

  11. Rudiger says:

    With correct application.

  12. northcarrlight says:

    Yes it can KO or actually kill but this depends on several factors
    – the health and condition of the victim
    – the strength/ skill/ luck of the blow

    more deaths are caused by accident rather than by design, the neck chop affects the blood pressure and interruption to this blood flow to the brain can have serious implications

  13. Miyage says:

    Yes you can if you apply a lot of force do not hit and stop do it as hard as you can as if you were trying to go thru it bend all four fingers tight pull thumb in it will break if caught then strike with side of hand area between pinky and wrist. Also you can keep your hand the same way use as much force as you have like trying to go thru something start a little above your hip thrust hard and hit right under the nose with the bottom of your palm as hard as you can. Then take your knee and force it as hard as you can into their testicles. opponent down and seriously hurt possibly DOA.

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