Can I still learn Kickboxing evan though I used to do karate?

I just discovered that the stances are different. For karate you kick with your left leg, whilst for kickboxing you kick with your right. Can I still do kickboxing without being to confused?

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9 Responses to Can I still learn Kickboxing evan though I used to do karate?

  1. David says:

    of course,alot of kickboxing came from karate. the stances mean you can move between them and use both legs. move options

  2. gary says:

    You can and should kick with either leg in both arts, I think you may have misunderstood something there or you’ve been in some pretty odd classes.

    But to answer your question, of course you can if you want to, what on earth would stop you?

  3. Italianchampions says:

    Sure you can…There are many people in the World who train in multiple Martial Arts…Good Luck:)

  4. Brock says:

    Umm Kickboxing you kick with both legs. Same with karate I dont know what your talking about. But yes you can do kickboxing.

  5. Mushin says:

    Yes. By the way, since when do you ‘only kick with your left leg’ in karate? I’ve been practising karate since 2004 and we kick with either leg …

  6. John says:

    I am not sure why there should be some confusion. In both you want to be able to kick with either leg as the situation requires or dictates. While kicking with your back leg for power you have to be further away as you transfer and shift your balance forward to kick with the rear leg. Being to close for using the rear leg just allows it to be jammed and weakens it. Because rear leg kicks travel farther they give your opponent more time to react and counter and a good counter to a rear leg kick is lunging forward and drilling your opponent with a straight right hand. That right hand will get there before the kick will especially if it is a round house kick and anything higher than the groin and you opponent moves in on you.

    Kicking with the front leg gives your opponent less time to react but is also less powerful but even so your legs are twice as strong as your arms. Even a kick with the front leg can do damage but you have to shift your weight and balance to the back leg to kick with the front leg so you have to be closer unless you do slide action which will extend the reach of your lead leg then by a considerable amount. When I fought full contact for every kick I would throw with my rear right leg I would throw several with my front leg and use that much like a jab and that together with my hands to then set up that rear leg shot that was more powerful but took more time. This along with slide action would allow me to set and control the distance and more easily control the fight then.

    As for fighting are you right handed or a south-paw? If you are right handed you would fight out of left hand lead and if a south-paw you would fight out of a right hand lead. That in itself should not dictate changing sides per say although the way your fight and some of the things you can do as a south-paw are different and also the way you fight a south-paw require a different approach as well. Here is a good rule of thumb for you. For basic kicks you should be able to do them equally well out of either side. In other words you should be able to do a front, side, or roundhouse kick as good with that left leg when it is the lead leg or not as when it is reversed. The same should also apply when we are talking about rear leg as well. Along with this do some reading on slide-action kicking, develop your kicking skills fully, and look at some fighters like Benny Urquidez and I have attached a web site for you. Note how he slides and uses his front leg for kicking and how many he does with the front leg as opposed to the rear leg and you will see that he does twice as many with that front leg. You can most definitely do kickboxing but I think you need to forget for a second about being confused and instead try to increase your level of understanding and knowledge and as you do that and develop your skills things will all then fall into place.

  7. Bloodgold says:

    yes ,

  8. No name. says:

    Yes you can learn kickboxing even thought you did karate.

    Karatekas and kickboxers will use both legs to kick.

  9. siamese fighter says:

    kickboxing is karate. its called sport karate derived from american full contact karate.

    dont get it mixe up with thai boxing. its a different art alltogether

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