can karate and boxing work together?

as a boxer I am now looking for a martial art which will help my kicks elbows knees and more as I only know how to give a good punch I wish to know kicks the most as I have boxing punches to my combat arsnal taekwondo is good for this however there is no taekwondo clubs for 5 miles from me however there is a karate place just down the street from me and taekwondo is sort of like karate if I was to do karate do I need to learn the punch all over again or will my boxing help or mix ok

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  1. Zachariah says:

    yes it can very much.well that’s what i think

  2. hushuo badao says:

    karate punches are very different than boxing punches, they may feel very ineffective to you.

  3. fausto vera says:

    There’s absolutely no problem mixing up Karate with Boxing. Remember, it’s always best to open yourself up to different styles. Don’t limit yourself to only one. Karate is much more different than boxing though. Different stance, different techniques, etc.

  4. Radicle says:

    Absolutely. You might have to learn a new way of punching, depending on the style of karate. Boxing will improve your karate and karate can improve your boxing if you keep an open mind.

    One of my kung fu teachers studies boxing and competes as a boxer and a kick boxer. He has incorporated many boxing techniques into our kung fu training.

  5. Alex says:

    Yes. I am in a brown belt in shotokan karate and i also practice mma/boxing on the side. The punches are very different but the karate punches will help you in boxing and the techniques put together turn out amazing. Good luck

  6. Sean says:

    Yes karate and boxing can work together .

  7. Krauss says:

    Just about any Martial Arts CAN mix. Boxing and Karate just so happens to be one combination that works VERY well and the two are relatively easy to combine. You may have to widen your Boxing stance a bit to allow for kicks. If you have a good punch and the instructor is at all competent, you won’t have to learn to punch all over again. Although if the instructor catches a flaw(s) in your technique, he may take you back to your basics. And you’ll have to be taught a few hand strikes that aren’t used in Boxing, of course. Like, the Ridge Hand, Hammer Fist, Back Fist, etc. Your Boxing should definitely help you. Not only with punching, but you’ll at least have a basic understanding of movement, distance control, sparring. The basics. So, you shouldn’t have to start from scratch in those areas unless you have some serious flaws in them. Plus, Boxing actually gives you an advantage. Most(not all) people like to kick. So, in kicking arts, you tend to see a lot of people who fall into the habit of throwing many kicks and very few punches. Which means they’re not practicing their punching skills nearly as much as they should. So you just might have better punches than some of the more experienced students.

    WARNING: I feel like I should let you know about a serious problem you may or may not encounter. Nowadays, a lot of the more traditional Martial Arts styles such as Karate and Tae Kwon Do have been watered down to a point where they’re completely ineffective. Keep in mind Karate/TKD people, I’m not dissing your arts. I’m dissing a lot of the modern teachers. Not all of them, but a great many are teaching worthless crap that WILL get people killed in a real self defense situation. So watch out for this kind of thing. If they start teaching you ridiculous techniques, chances are, it’s a “McDojo” or sometimes called “Black Belt Factory” because they are focused solely on getting money rather than producing quality Martial Artists.

    Hope this helps, man!

  8. J says:

    Karate is Karate, boxing is boxing. If you expect to train in Karate then you train as the instructor teaches. You can’t start using boxing punches and expect the instructor to let you do that.

    Don’t want to learn it formally then maybe you can train informally. That, or you do it as taught.

  9. Jake Miller says:

    I take a Martial Arts style called Kyuki-do (Not to be confused with/or pronouced like Cookie Dough) Anyways jokes aside. I’m a 2nd Degree Black Belt and a lot of our high rank forms/routines have Karate strikes, kicks and stances then mix it with Boxing stances, punches and guards. Many of the high rank including myself use Boxing mixed with Teakwondo and Karate kicks in sparring so I know they can be used well together. As far as having to re-learn the punch if you take Karate: yes in sense you will. You will be taught how they punch which will be totally different then a boxing punch. You will have to punch their way in all their drills and forms. If they spar at the school your thinking of going to. You will probably be aloud to use boxing in sparring. But it’s also possible it might not be aloud. So you should check it out with the head instuctor at the school. Hope I helped!

  10. hannism says:

    Karate will help you with your kicks, knees and elbows. However, it sounds like Muay Thai would be a better option.

    Karate isn’t going to help you with your punches. Boxers have the best hands in the world. Performing boxing type strikes may be frowned upon in your class.

    I have a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Later, I crossed trained in boxing, Muay Thai and Japanese Jujitsu.

    I returned to train with my old gym. Another black belt (also a 2nd degree) was leading the class. He was calling out techniques, and I reverted to using boxing punches instead of the classical karate style punches like the reverse punch from the hip.

    He came up to me, and told me to give him 25 push ups. Well, I didn’t say anything, I pumped them out. We got to be friends later, and he got to know me and my background. But, a lot of what happens will depend on the karate school you attend.

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