Can you help me find video of a certain kata?

I need get a video (or at least a break down of the sequence) to a bo staff kata from a Kaju Kenpo system of karate:

Tsuru no Hesu – The Flight of the Crane

The Karate Institute of America, in Cleveland Ohio used this form (and I believe the still do). Contacting them has been futile, and I’m too far away to fly in for one of their tournaments.

Anyone have this form on video? Anyone know this form?

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One Response to Can you help me find video of a certain kata?

  1. shootersway says:

    There is no traditional kata known as tsuru no hesu.That it is probably a made up kata doesn’t mean it is less than a traditional one as long as it portrays the sound principles of bo use against weapons.If it’s just tricky flashy moves it might be good for hand eye co ordination always a good skill to have in a fight.
    All martial arts is made up by someone somewhere at some point in history.
    Someone may have vidoe taped it and put it on you tube try there .

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