Instructor Training

Andy Rae Chokan Sensei > ‘Teaching means the imparting of knowledge through specific lessons. A teacher of the Martial Arts is a SPECIALIST who guides his or her students though the development of specific physical and mental skills. Teaching is an integral part of the martial arts. Without good teachers, there can be no future for the art. As an Instructor we become pioneers for the future and a keeper of the wisdom of the past’. Zenith Martial Arts, is stringent on only choosing the Read more [...]

Head Instructor

ABOUT THE HEAD INSTRUCTOR CHOKAN SENSEI Your Head Instructor (Chokan Sensei) started his interest in the Martial Arts as a small boy while living in Singapore 1969, where his parents were serving within the British Armed Forces. He practiced a local Chinese/Malay style of martial art called Kong Chiang for a number of years before returning to England. On his return to the United Kingdom with his family, he tried to find another martial arts club, but at that time they were few and far between. Read more [...]