Killing in self defense…?

After another day of evaluating myself, I've come across a dilemma. Would it be a sin to kill someone in self defense? I remember reading/hearing a verse before were JESUS disagreed with PETER use of violence to defend the group. PETER in his act of defense cut off one of the soldiers who wanted to take JESUS away, JESUS did not rejoice but instead picked up the soldiers ear and fused it back to the mans head. JESUS then something along the lines of live by the sword then die by the sword. I know Read more [...]

Are katas meant to be difficult to interpret?

Hey so I don't do a MA that has katas, I do capoeira, so I don't have any experience with them, this is just a matter of curiosity. But whenever I see someone doing one I realize that I have no idea what the person is doing about 95% of the time, and the remaining 5% is conjecture. In capoeira we have sequences, which are moves which synchronize well together and after doing them all the time you tend to break it out without thinking when playing a jogo in the roda (this is our version of sparring). Read more [...]

Israel has the right of self-Defense!!!???

Bush says that Israel “has the right” of self-defense to restore the Israeli soldier captured by the Palestinian Resistance. *The Zionist Entity raised hell for the captured soldier, but the whole world is giving no tiny attention to 11 thousand prisoners in the Israeli jails, some of them are women, children, cabinet ministers and MPs! *The Zionist Entity “has the right” of self-defense, but the Palestinian people do not have such a right although the Israeli rockets are targeting innocent Read more [...]

Karate Kata or Karate Dance?

I found this question on Yahoo Answers Japan (chiebukuro), and one of the posters gave an example based on what they thought the question meant. For those who know Japanese, here's the question: I like mrjunkhonten's answer. It's worth a read. Anyway, here's the video the contributor posted: The title reads Super Karate Girl... though I beg to differ. My question here is what purpose, Read more [...]