Tips for opening self defense school?

Later in life im planning on opening a self defense academy. My school will not so much focus on a specific style but just the most effective and realistic techniques there are. The curriculum will be very similar to a Krav Maga curriculum. As realistic as possible! I really want to be involved my community, doing demo's at city gatherings and getting involved with local law enforcement agencies. I will also try to be involved on the internet, offering service through online tutorials. I know just Read more [...]

Question about Karate..?

I have been accepted for a job which consists in learning Karate, the course is free, the karate uniform I have to pay (it’s cheap), moving on..

I really like this kind of job, it combines fun + work together but I’m worried that things might go wrong, even though I will as always do my best.

Just a little uncertain if I really want this, I do but not confident about it.

Thank you.

Self Defense vs Martial Arts?

I’ve noticed on that a lot of folks here seem to assume that martial arts is the best choice for learning self defense. But is that really true? Martial Arts generaly takes several years to gain true proficiency and that’s usually with several hours of practice a week. Isn’t there a faster, more effecient way to learn practical self defense?