*Need help with sparring!(Karate)?

Ok the problem is, I have a karate competition on Sunday, sparring, my first competition. I can spar, but my problem is people always seem to tell where I’m going to hit. The only way I can hit well is when I trick people e.g go to do a mai geri, then come in with a jodan punch. But my Sensei said I can’t do the whole competition tricking people, how can I make sure people don’t block my every move!?

What are the limits to Self Defense?

By this I mean - when does self defense become a potential criminal charge? Say when you have get into a street fight and the other person attacks first. Do you have the right to seriously injure/kill them? If someone robs your home and they are armed, but ran away, are you allowed to shoot them? Is there a place where the law draws a line between the two? Also, what if in a case of self defense, a martial artist has a chance to choose any move (i.e. The aggressor is looking somewhere else) and Read more [...]

Written description of kata “Hama Higa No Tonfa”?

I am looking for a written description of the Okinawan tonfa kata "hama higa no tonfa." I have a video of the kata, but I would like to use a written description of the movements to use while I practice. I am tired of doing "tonfa kata ichi", nobody in my dojo has specialized in tonfa, and I am prohibited from going outside my dojo to take private lessons from a black belt at another dojo, The master at my dojo will look at what I have learned and make suggestions, but he charges $150.00 per hour Read more [...]

kata people weapons defense ?

do you feel kata technique covers anti weapon defenses adequately or are additional courses and technique required? jwbulldog......I can figure out if you are attempting an answer or evading an answer because you don't know.Everybody understands it's not just kata thanks for pointing out the obvious. I think it is safe to assume the masters who created these forms gave consideration to armed assault in their creation .Fire arms were not prevalent in their day so these defenses would probably center Read more [...]

Should I quit karate, please read!!?

Im 14, I have been in karate nearly my whole life, Im a brown belt, I have always liked it until recently. Recently i have been getting really frustrated when we practice, I DO like katas, but we always do them slowly so he can see our mistakes, I really dont want to sound narcissistic or anything but I almost never have mistakes so its very annoying. Second, we never do kumite(sparring) and when we do he either puts me with people smaller than me or much bigger (there are people my size). The only Read more [...]