Registration and Training Fees

ZENITH MARTIAL ARTS REGISTRATION & TRAINING FEES   Class Training Fees: Zenith Martial Arts has a training fee of $8.00 per session. This applies to both the Martial Art Classes and the Mini Martial Art classes for the children. This fee is paid to the instructor on arrival and booking in of the class. What most clubs do is have an advance fee, which is paid one or even three months in advance. Zenith Martial Arts does not do this as we feel this is not fair. If you pay in advance Read more [...]

Glossary of Terms

Below are some of the terms we use in Martial Arts Training, they consist of everyday terms like counting and then specialised terms for blocks, punches and kicks.   COUNTING: WORD PRONUNCIATION MEANING ICHI itch One NI nee Two SAN sun Three SHI she Four GO go Five ROKU rook Six SHICHI shitch Seven HACHI hutch Eight KU koo Nine JU joo Ten GENERAL TERMINOLOGIES: WORD PRONUNCIATION MEANING CHOKAN Read more [...]

Grading Criteria

ZENITH MARTIAL ARTS GRADING CRITERIA Your first grading (9th kyu-Yellow tip) will be conducted as part of your normal class at the completion of your 6th training session. Speak to your instructor for details before this time. In addition to the normal class fee, there is a $22.00 grading fee to be paid at this time. This fee covers your next grading to Yellow belt-8th kyu (not including the belt). For all following grading, the normal $22.00 grading fee applies; this does not include your belt. GRADE Read more [...]

Badge – Logo Explanation

ZENITH MARTIAL ARTS BADGE/LOGO EXPLANATION As previously explained Zenith Martial Arts Australia (Budokan meaning Martial Way) comprises of several traditional martial arts, the main two being that of Aikido and Karate. Making our style of Budokan very flowing, because of the movement, which is incorporated from within Aikido. At Zenith we teach our students to harmonise completely with any attack leading an aggressor to a point of exhaustion (imbalance) and then applying a neutralizing technique Read more [...]

Kumite Etiquettes

KUMITE ETIQUETTES A lower grade student must always show respect to the higher grade during Kumite. A student must not show aggression towards a higher grade. The higher Grade initiates and sets the rate and tempo of Kumite. There should be no contact during sparring and the lower grade student should be especially careful not to make contact on the higher grade. You must not grab or hold the leg of your partner during Kumite. It is unnecessary to crunch the leg or arm of your partner Read more [...]

Educational Value of Martial Arts

THE EDUCATIONAL VALUE OF THE MARTIAL ARTS The function of education is to create behavioural changes in a student. If an educative effort does not cause behavioural changes to occur in a student, then it does not have educational value. The results of ongoing education must be concrete and have continual changes. Most importantly, the changes must be moving in a positive direction. They should be constructive, clear, permanent, healthy changes that help the student progress towards his or her ultimate Read more [...]

Street Defense Program

Street Defense Program Purpose Zenith believes that we all train in the martial arts for a many reasons, however traditionally it was used to defend ourselves against attack. On research the same is still true today because of today’s social problems. Most confrontational situations would involve you being at varying distances from your opponent or multiple opponents. You may be at kicking distance or closer hand to hand. You may be in a seated position or on the ground; your opponent or Read more [...]

About us

ZENITH MARTIAL ARTS AUSTRALIA I want to welcome you to Zenith Martial Arts. My name is Andy Rae and as the Head Instructor, I would like to assist you in understanding and the general workings of our club. Firstly I would like to explain the two Traditional Japanese Martial Arts incorporated into the Zenith System. Traditionally when more than one Japanese traditional style of martial art is practiced together, it ceases to be called one or the other and is referred to as Bu-do meaning martial Read more [...]

Mini Martial Arts Info for Parents

PARENTS INFORMATION Mini Martial Arts Information Growth is an ongoing process and children differ in every stage of their growth. For this reason we have established a program to meet the needs of all children. It includes a variety of activities and experiences that will help young students form a solid foundation on which to build more complex techniques and knowledge. General Children Characteristics: Extremely active and curious, prone to bursts of activity. Very flexible and resilient Read more [...]