Do any websites list and explain various katas?

I’m not looking for any specific styles or art. Just a website that can teach or show katas. Any info will do, and in the end i’m just looking to increase my kata vocabulary.

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2 Responses to Do any websites list and explain various katas?

  1. e says:

    Judo kata? Karate kata?

    Youtube probably has a lot of them. Just search on YouTube.

  2. Kokoro says:

    The simplest kata I know is taikyoku shodan, it’s all down block and step in punch. It would takes several books just to go over all the applications for that kata,
    I can spend 6 months teaching applications for this kata and not cover the same one.

    Or are you talked about a list of kata, there are hundreds of kata in karate alone,then there is iaido kata, kobudo kata and so forth. Which system, you could just google that part other wise look into books such as. The way of kata, for starters

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