Do Karate katas have health benefits beside teaching the Karate student fighting techniques?

Are they good for promoting fitness while keeping the body soft, supple, and agile.
Are they like moving meditation?

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4 Responses to Do Karate katas have health benefits beside teaching the Karate student fighting techniques?

  1. nickdc1960 says:

    Probably as good and perhaps even better than the Pilates programs. And remember that Tae Bo stuff people were doing for awhile? And Tai Chi? It all works as a means of helping the body to burn calories and develop a wider range of motion.

  2. LIONDANCER says:

    That depends on what meditation means to you. For me it is not.
    As far as health benefit, that would depend how you run your Kata. If you run it with power and intend so you are out of breath when you finish your Kata, then ‘yes’, it has health benefits. If you just mosy your way through it in your own little time then ‘no’, it has not benefit.
    This concept is very apparent in Tai Chi. People think that if they do Tai Chi they will reap all the health benefits because all the Chinese Tai Chi masters are very muscular and strong. ‘Right’ but have you actually seen how they train? Their training in excertion is nothing short of Kung Fu training. They run fast in the morning, they lift weights, they do acrobatics, they stretch, they spar and their advanced forms are just as fast as any wushu form. But you never see that part of Tai Chi in the West. If you only stay at the beginner level with your Tai Chi and practice only the relaxation and nothing else your health benefits will not be the same as if you did the whole training. In short use it or lose it. There are no shortcut and there is no easy way. Good health has to be earned the hard way.

  3. Johnathan Pierson says:

    Naha Te Kata such as Sanchin and Tensho are moving meditation kata designed to get your mind, body, and spirit unified while in action.
    They also contain isometric exercises designed to strengthen your core and back, an example is Seiyunchin.

    It’s not enough the you be out of breath at the end of the Kata, actually, it means you’re doing the kata wrong if you are. You need to breathe correctly during the kata so you do not wind up out of breath.

    Many benefits are gained all around from Karate kata training such as anaerobic and aerobic exercise, muscle memory, coordination, etc.

    But the only thing you need to worry about is doing the kata.

  4. Carlos says:

    Those are good questions Let me start by telling you that the biggest problem that many people have with the ATA is that the organization is BIG.. The HQ in Little Rock sets out guidelines and does not really follow up with the schools, so many schools are run differently. So there ARE schools out there that promote students with lower standards, this is NOT the HQ policy.The style was created my H.U. Lee, who started the style using Cheon-jee poomse. After he came to the US he changed the style by creating new forms called Songahm. This of course has cause people to dislike this style of TKD because they are not the usual styles, this an the ATA owns the forms..People call the ATA a Watered Down style because they don’t agee with the forms. The ATA does not participate in the Olympics and is NOT part of World Taekwondo Headquarters, also known as Kukkiwon or Gukgiwon. So people often claim that the ATA is not recognized by South Korea, however you WILL find articles on the Korean websites about ATA..Testing is another issue that people have with the ATA. They claim that the ATA test too often, and that because the ATA has a Camo belt they are out to make money. The ATA uses 9 color belts which is the Korean perfect number, use of the Camo makes it the total color belts 9. They also have issue with students not deserving rank advancement passing. While the ATA has over 1500 affiliated schools around the world, I can only speak to the 5 that I know directly. We have guidelines that are used and stuck too for testing. We frequently have student No Change during testing. On average it takes a student 2-4 years to be able to test for 1st Degree Black and then much longer beyond that. The ATA does have young Black Belts, and while I may not agree with that policy it happens, these students are not allowed to teach until they are older. Students ARE NEVER guaranteed a promotion or BB!!!Never have I ever seen a Yellow belt teach a class, I find it interesting that was put in an answer.. A student (adult) that has proven him/her self are allowed to assist and sometimes do take the floor to keep things moving if an Instructor has to leave. But they would be higher ranking students. As for number 3.. That is ridiculous.. People have issues with the ATA having contracts, you sign a contract at a gym.. I personally think that marital arts should be cheap, however comparing the cost of the ATA and what they offer to local schools in my area, they are a little more expensive but the cost in the long run is NOT that different especially when you compare the cost for a family.. A contract protects the school and you.. They set what they will do for you, and what you agree to them.. Common sense 29 years MA

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