Do u have to be flexible and strong to do karate?

I just turned 13 and I’m thinking about taking karate! I’m not super flexible and I can barely touch my toes! Do I need to work on flexiblility and strength before I start? Do I need to build more upper and lower body strength before I start?

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10 Responses to Do u have to be flexible and strong to do karate?

  1. Joshua says:

    No, as you advance through most programs you will become more flexible and stronger.

  2. Brandon says:

    Your flexibility/strength will not hinder your ability to preform any martial arts. It would be nice though, if you were to start stretching now, so your body can adjust accordingly. Over time. If you stick with karate you’ll become more flexibly and stronger than before. Best wishes in all you do.

  3. USAReverts says:

    Not really, I’m planning on taking taekwondo when i turn 16 (14 now). My best friend is a girl and 11, almost 12 and scrawny and skinny, but she is a second-degree black belt and I was like OMG! They will make you more flexible don’t worry. If she can do it we can to haha. I’m a guy btw, and not flexible at all and I still aspire to do it

  4. Keavie♥ says:

    Well…Ermm… It would be good. There are kicks in Karatee where you put your leg in front of you straighy lets say and kick hard something that is in front of you.
    But before you do all that you strech. Youdo not have to be flexible. But if you are thats a plus.
    Im brown belt in Karatee and im not near flexible :] X

  5. Joe D says:

    Flexibility is very important when it comes to the martial arts, but it shouldnt be an issue if youre just starting. As you progress through the ranks, your flexibility and strength will increase. You dont have to be mega flexible before you start, so dont worry. Start, and in some time your flexibility will increase.

  6. Pony Slaystation says:

    If you train often you will become flexible and strong

    I’m a lot more flexible and stronger than when i first started

  7. Kendall Sylvan says:

    You don’t need it to start. Just make an effort to do your best as you go along.

    Aside from my own accomplishments, I have seen some amazing results in other differently-abled (inabled) people through martial arts.

    If your only major issues are a lack of strength and flexibility, you should do fine as long as you are willing to put forth a strong effort at what you do.

  8. Kurtis Carter says:

    when I started karate 2 years ago i was not that flexible but you get more flexible as the months go by as long as you keep training, i would say go you don’t have to be strong but being stop would help but you will get everything you need just by going

  9. Lex says:

    If you’re flexible and strong AND have god balance it’ll really come in handy. Over time you’ll get better and you’ll become stronger more flexible and you’ll have a better balance.

  10. ThatNerdyChick16 says:

    Pfft, no. When I started, I couldn’t see my toes, let alone touch them. Currently, I’m a black belt, a nice 100 ibs even, and I’m proud to say that I can touch my toes! Just get in there! You’ll work at your own pace, and soon enough you’ll be doing splits and tornado kicks!

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