Do you have to be strong to be in Karate?

I am really wanting to join karate.. I am 5ft 2in and I am only 97 pounds so I think you can get the hint of how strong I am. I know that karate is like a sport, but I was also wondering if I could just learn the sport up to a black belt etc… And not do like competition stuff.

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4 Responses to Do you have to be strong to be in Karate?

  1. yamini m says:

    I use to be like the weakest person on the planet and then I joined tae kwon do and I actually got stronger and right now I’m one away from black.. I think you should do it :) Good Luck!

  2. Yuki Asakura says:

    no, it’s about speed and technique

  3. Dan says:

    Train hard and you will become stronger on your way.

  4. Dave M says:

    Karate is not a sport, it is a martial art that you can use in many aspects of life. It has a sporting, competitive side that you can participate in but you will not be forced to do this. Some clubs are orientated around competition but others are only interested in teaching the art of Karate.

    You do not have to be strong to do Karate. If you wish to start you should go to a club and ask to watch the class before you make your decision.

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