Do you think Martial arts that rely heavily on Kata for training is effective?

I am in Shuko Kai Karate and it is a beautiful martial art. I think we have around 48 sets of Kata. Do you think it is effective to train this way, why?

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7 Responses to Do you think Martial arts that rely heavily on Kata for training is effective?

  1. Stimpy says:

    Yes, kata is an effective exercise in self discipline.

  2. Johnathan Pierson says:

    If you learn to understand kata.
    Otherwise you’re just dancing.
    Good kata training is invaluable. Better than so called “live ” training.

  3. Joseph says:

    Yes definitely, only if you can apply the techniques right! It depends on the fighter whether it is effective or not.

  4. Kokoro says:

    kata is only effective if you understand the proper bunkai to them. without bunkai kata is meaningless.

    kata contains you style, every thing you need is locked inside of kata

    perhaps this will help you understand more. its a question i just posted and many of the seniors posted there opinions;_ylt=Al36p3RrngED86VAXvPru.vsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120601072253AAzK0Tb

  5. Odee says:

    Some schools spend most of their class-time performing kata.
    In my opinion this is wrong.
    I believe that kata should be taught in class and critiqued before or after class but practiced alone. Most of classtime should be spent working on application. Converting your fighting knowledge to fighting ability and experience, in short, sparring. Sparring can only be done when there are two or more people and makes the transition from dancing to fighting.

  6. pugpaws2 says:

    Funakoshi the creator of Shotokan Karate once said that if you learned one Kata and knew everything hidden in it you would be deadly. I believe that statement. I knew 32 Kata (only 19 where in the style That I was promoted in) when I received my first Black Belt in 1975. I knew the well and could do them very well. but at that time I really understood nothing about the hidden applications in them. Now, I practice only a hand full of Kata. Of those, I regularly practice one even fewer. Yet I know more about the hidden applications than ever. My self-defense applications are in the Kata I practice.

    I have never heard of a style of Karate that has 48 Kata. what is the point of having that many??? I have no proof, but it seems that when i run across any school teaching more than 12-15 Kata, I also find that those same schools don’t understand any of the Kata. Kata without understanding of the hidden applications makes as much sense as being able to speak a foreign language well, but not knowing what you are saying….

  7. kajukat says:

    I personally think 48 katas is too much. But my answer is biased, I am not very good at remembering katas. There are some katas that I remember by heart because I spend years doing them, and there are other katas where I get the moves mixed up.

    Fortunately, my style puts an emphasis on good physical conditioning. As long as my body can take a beating, the instructors won’t make a big deal out of me getting some moves mixed up in katas.

    If you are young and have a good memory, learn the required katas by heart. Perfect them.

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