Does any one have any good Kumite combos?

I know a fair few combos. And a few mouths ago I went to a seminar with Kevin Barlow the UK’s head coach. He showed us few more combos.

But I think It would be good if I knew as many different combos as i can so does any one have any good/effective ones?

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3 Responses to Does any one have any good Kumite combos?

  1. LIONDANCER says:

    There is no ABC in fighting. Combos are OK for beginners to get an idea but for more advanced you need to see the openings and react to that. If I throw one thing of a certain combo and the target for the next thing in my combo is closed you can’t use that combo and probably wasted a good opening somewhere else that you were not ready for because you were focused on using that particular combo you wanted to use and not what was given to you. I guess it is OK to have a few combos but if you are going for as many different combos as possible it would make sense to just learn to mix and match as it comes along and use everything in quick sequences. It’s silly to throw away a good target because it wasn’t in your combo box.

  2. samuraiwarrior_98 says:

    Well first off one of the important things to understand about fighting and combinations is that what works for me may not work for you. Every fighter is different and so some of what I do and works for me may not hold value for you in the same way. That does not mean it does not have value at all though because there might always be someone else that you might want to teach it to. Also knowing it and understanding it makes it easier to sometimes defend against when your opponent is attempting to use it against you even though its not something you do yourself.

    That all being said I would start working on learning to use angles and using slide action kicking and moving in at angles while delivering those and following up off of them. So many fighters only work on going straight ahead and if your opponent is good enough defensively then you may not be as effective with your combinations. Straight ahead is closest and a shorter distance and quicker but if you can’t close and be effective then you will want to try an angle instead and working on and developing that becomes very important then.

    Also work on fighting and throwing combinations while moving backwards. This is another skill that oftentimes is neglected because fighters and martial artists work so much on going forward and fighting. I know some guys that I can’t beat if I let them go forward too much and so I take that ability away from them as much as I can and instead get them going back more, making it much easier for me to beat them.

    Start working on controlling the ring and the timing and ebb and flow of the match or fight along with the distance and letting that other fighter go forward. Learning how to do that and being able to can increase your odds of winning in competitive fighting where there are rules and a timed round and referee. An example of this and where a fighter didn’t is Ortiz’s fight the other night with Griffin and he lost the fight because he did not do that and Griffin did and it allowed Griffin to at times just take pop shots at him even with out any answer back. Those times when Ortiz did move forward he got popped and so he largely stopped working and attacking. When you are losing the fight you can’t do that but that’s what Ortiz allowed to happen and he lost the fight because of it.

    I will give you a few of my favorite combos though so you can work on them and see if they do well for you. One is a slide action round house to the head while moving at an angle to my opponent’s open side followed by a side kick to the body with out putting my foot down and following up off of that with my hands. Moving at the angle tends to freeze his reaction to go forward and block or jam the kicks and counter and the side kick coming behind the round house keeps him from coming in if he by chance he recovers.

    I also like to throw roundhouse kicks with the ball of the foot to the body especially from an angle while doing slide action. Then they can’t slide up my instep, foot, ankle and shin so easily and counter because the ball of the foot keeps them from doing that as well.

    I will also at times change sides and then go with a foot sweep to that closer lead leg and am very good with that and setting it up with a lead jab or back-fist and then hitting my opponent with my reverse punch while denying his ability to jab or back fist with his lead hand because of where I place my hand after doing my jab or back-fist and how I have my elbow positioned. I can also sweep off of their kicks pretty well and catch them with a sweep as they are starting to set that foot down from a kick with that lead leg. To do either of these things you really have to be closer than what a lot of people usually are and they also require practice or your execution of them will be poor probably and ineffective.

    Enjoy and work hard and learn and put to practice some of what I am saying here along with developing your skills and understanding of things and you will be a much more capable fighter. Maybe some of these things will work for you or maybe they won’t. Every martial artist or fighter of quality should know those things that work best for them and if they don’t then they will never be as good as or effective as they would be otherwise.

  3. Jim R says:

    LIONDANCER is again correct.
    But I will make a suggestion to you for those combos.
    Your instructor is a treasure trove of combos, ask him/her to explain it to you.

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