does karate work on the streets?

I am a little bit skeptical about how it could work because none of the way karate people are taught to punch & chop looks like it would work on the streets, and those high kicks are unpractical too.

would something like Aikido be better ?

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  1. ichi5lin8 says:

    Try mixed martial arts

  2. Kokoro says:

    first off karate kicks are for the waste down they are not high
    secondly you are miss understanding the purpose of techniques. all the techniques work fine in the street and have for millions of people over the last 3 centuries.
    a hand being drawn back to the hip represents part of your opponent in a trap and is not a chamber for a strike.
    dont confuse basics with the way we do sparing they are 2 different concepts.

  3. J says:

    There are many different schools that teach for many reasons. Not all Karate schools teach for self defense. If the ones you’re looking at teach the sport version, of course you’re not going to see any practical self defense techniques.

    Real Karate does work in self defense. That’s the entire purpose of traditional martial arts for the most part. Aikido is also a practical self defense art.

  4. Jim R says:

    Karate has worked very well for protection against fights for centuries. The shotokan karate I received instruction in was perfect for my job (bouncer/cooler), and the grappling techniques never once let me down in real confrontation. High kicks, though great for training (if you can kick well high, you can kick very well low), and once in a while one may be called for in a situation, not often. Kokoro has given you a good answer. You should also read this about which styles are perhaps better than others:
    Believe me when I tell you, you will be very surprised by the arts you suspect of being less. I was young and had that very thing figured out, just like you. Then a young (I was still young then too) judo brown-belt beat the tar out of the parking lot with me! Smart-arsed karate guy couldn’t get close to that guy without hitting the ground, and I thought judo was girlish and soft! I saw some tai-chi demos that left my jaw hanging from the POWER of their art, and I do shotokan. I saw a TKD guy simply chop down a muay thai guy with fearsome kicks the MT guy could not fathom. every time I disrespected some different art, it hurt when I found out the hard way. Your martial art is yours alone, when it comes time to use it, and you will make of it what it becomes, and you alone, no matter the art, you the practitioner must make it work. I can teach you enough karate in 15 minutes to beat Chuck Norris silly. YOU have to practice it for 40 or 50 years until you are good enough at it to do that. Chuck”ll be too old to care.

  5. Denny Pill says:

    No watch some early UFC fights, guys would try to use Kung Fu or Karate and would get knocked out most of the time, or submitted, or just taken to the ground and pounded

  6. Mr Wolf Wolfington says:

    Karate taught for self defense purposes is effective. Karate has standing submissions, punching kicking, and everything in between. A good Karateka can lock someone up or end a fight with a single blow.

    Kokorro has a good answer.

    @ J has a good point. Dont confuse point fighting (the sport) with Karate. Point fighting is NOT KARATE.

  7. Shinerz says:

    Yes, but styles like Karate take a long time to become proficient in.

  8. Morgan says:

    Depends on if you know how to use it right. I have been in a few fights at school, I mainly use blocks and punches, but if they come to close I hit them with side kick.. I kick high so double round houses some times.

  9. Jack Nolan says:

    Karate does work on the streets. When me and a few friends mess around in school (fighting as a joke) I’ve realised I’ve started using techniques I’ve been taught in karate. I’ve only been going for a month.

  10. scotttomlinson39 says:

    well its worked for me in the past an saved my neck basic kicks punches and blocks hit hard and fast nothing fancy real combat is messy and and basic kick to the groin that will drop any attacker.

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