For anyone who’s practiced Sanchin Kata!!!?

What are the supposed benefits of this kata?

What have you gained from it?

I’ve seen it many times but I have difficulty understanding much about it.

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4 Responses to For anyone who’s practiced Sanchin Kata!!!?

  1. RamsesTheGreater says:

    This kata is more so for balance and breathing than actual fighting, which is usually what happens in slower/slower parts of katas.

    It gives the user conditioning in doing so by having you breathe in and exhale at certain times so that your breathing is always correct while punching.

    Breathing out while you strike helps add power to technique and negates some restrictive internal movement making your movements flow easier.

    This kata is really strict in emphasizing this, but other than breathing technique there is not really any other fighting purpose. :)

  2. Sensei Scandal says:

    Sanchin Kata is the foundation of the arts that developed in Okinawa, known as Naha – Te.

    These kata were passed down to the Okinawans by the Chinese, from the Hakka and Fujian Arts.

    The purpose of these kata is to develop “Iron Body”. They are Hard Internal as opposed to the Soft Internal as in Tai Chi, Pa Kua and Hsing I.

    They develop musculature AND Internal Breath Power. Soft Internal does not develop musculature and rely on the cushion provided by the Chi that is contained in the Fascia (look up this word for understanding).

    Hard Internal development from Sanchin Kata is intended to provide a deeper level of protection against blunt trauma.

    Integral to “Iron Body”, Sanchin Kata also develops Rooting. It is said that Maegusuku Sensei (Chojun Miyagi), made it a habit of practicing Sanchin Kata during Monsoon Season, to test his Rootedness.

    Also, the techniques of Sanchin Kata ARE defensive.

    Here is something for you to consider: Sanchin Kata can be detrimental to your health if taught and trained incorrectly. So make sure you are learning under a qualified instructor.



    Thanks Aaron.. :)

    Shoutout to Shihan J!

  3. Aaron J says:

    Sensei Scandal is right on the money! Welcome Back!

  4. Shihan J says:

    a great answer by sensei scandal

    i recommended you read this book, its a great explainable of sanchin, although its about the kata it will help your understand of the stance…

    every stance has its weakness and strengths
    sanchin dachi is a rooted stance used to strengthen legs, used to protect the groin. its strength is in an inward direction. toes gripping the floor making it a sold stance, leg muscles tense feet pointing inward. if you practice it well it would do good against sweeps.

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