Grading Criteria



Your first grading (9th kyu-Yellow tip) will be conducted as part of your normal class at the completion of your 6th training session. Speak to your instructor for details before this time. In addition to the normal class fee, there is a $22.00 grading fee to be paid at this time. This fee covers your next grading to Yellow belt-8th kyu (not including the belt). For all following grading, the normal $22.00 grading fee applies; this does not include your belt.

9th Kyu Grade Yellow Tip Basic Punching etc 6 Weeks
8th Kyu Grade Yellow Belt Taigyoku Sho-dan 12 Weeks
7th Kyu Grade Orange Belt Taigyoku Ni-dan 18 Weeks
6th Kyu Grade Green Belt Saifa 28 Weeks
5th Kyu Grade Blue Belt Saifa / Bassai Dai (basic) 40 Weeks
4th Kyu Grade Red Belt Bassai-Dai 50 Weeks
3rd Kyu Grade Brown Belt Bassai-Dai / Seiunchin (basic) 75 Weeks
2nd Kyu Grade Brown Belt Seiunchin / Empi (basic) 100 Weeks
1st Kyu Grade Brown Belt Empi / Sepai (basic) 120 Weeks
Shodan Ho Black Belt (prov) Sepai 150 Weeks
1st Dan Black Belt All the Above 200 Weeks

The List above only shows the Kata to be performed at the different levels, in addition student will learn and have to be at the required proficiency level for each belt grade in the following skills: Karate application such as punching, striking, kicking and blocking. Aikido: evasive movement and stances, fundamentals and concepts, application of self-defence techniques.

From Shodan Ho and above students will be graded by the head instructor only Students will be graded on commitment to training, teaching ability across the whole Zenith syllabus incorporating other high-grade techniques such as advanced self-defence, Kumite, and weaponry formats and techniques, together will in-depth knowledge of the history and awareness of bunkai technique.

NB All time requirements associated with grading are based on a student having at least one class per week.

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