Has anyone ever heard of somebody successfully defending them selves by using Karate?

I haven’t unless a kick in the gonads is Karate.

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19 Responses to Has anyone ever heard of somebody successfully defending them selves by using Karate?

  1. darachow says:

    yes, i kick you ass

  2. Matt B says:

    the only one that comes to mind Chuck Norris

  3. Shae says:

    yep definately but in a real fight it doesn’tlook much like karate, but look taking out all the crap in between karate shows you how to punch kick and block better than you would if you hadn’t learnt anything so (if you’ve learnt karate) if you get in a fight even if you don’t do a kata its still karate and yes i have had friend who did karate and got into fights they have won that they probably wouldn’t have if they hadn’t done karate

  4. David says:

    Many of the primary lessons in ‘karate’ as you call it belong in the realms of philosophy. Knowing when to answer the call to battle and when to humble yourself are basic answers to the use of any martial arts. You need to watch more Kung Fu episodes and less WWE wrestle mania. Choose life that is at peace with your environment and you will never have to fight anyone. Be prepared for conflict and no conflict will exist. Should I go on?

  5. pmuellerblue22 says:


  6. CTC says:

    I agree with Shae. Its the same with all MAs used in the streets not just Karate. Ur training helps u react faster and take advantage of opporotunities in fights that a person without training wouldnt normally see.

  7. Frank the tank says:

    Yes, ask Lyoto Machida and GSP.

  8. Rob B says:

    Yes, all the time.

    10 year old girl uses karate to escape from kidnapper by kicking her way out of car trunk.

    TKD school owner catches a robber.

    A Kung Fu student defends his friends against gang banger

    72 year old ex boxer takes out pickpocket

    Typically I see one of these every month or so.

  9. mafundhelper says:

    Not just heard, I have used it.

    But I have also heard of lots of my students, lots of my fellow training mates, etc…

    Happens all the time.

  10. Kobayashi says:

    Hai is Yes at Japan, hear of it many times, I use it, friends use it, groin kick not work of sumo wrestlers.

  11. Agnostic Front says:

    Lyoto Machida for MMA.

    Ever thought that maybe people don’t want to fight someone who does Karate so maybe that’s why you don’t hear about it?

  12. Sensei Scandal says:

    What is up with all these karate questions?

    My original art is Okinawan Karate. I also studied Chinese Internal Arts.

    I have worked in the Security Industry in the areas of Corporate Espionage, Executive Protection AS WELL AS Celebrity Protection, Concerts and Main Events, DJ/Clubs and Private Parties.

    Guess what? I have always walk out of ANY AND ALL altercations unscathed.

    I have also disarmed two knife wielding assailants and have protected people from abusers and muggers.

    Now here’s my question…


    Please kiddies – stop comparing yourselves to men.

  13. ♥karate♥ says:

    Yeah I have- ME

    do to pure stupidity on my part I have been on the wrong side of town and at a really bad time. A good punch to the face fallowed by a reverse punch to the stomach- fallowed by a kick to the groin(karate has kicks I just targeted the groin) normally does it. I mean Im not stupid in real fighting im not going to do a spinning backkick. But another time I have used a series of techniques dirrectly out of a women’s self defence kata. (yeah kata ain’t useless if you know what you are doing).

    with any art YOU have to decide what will be most effective- 3 step sparring taught me how to judge distance for most effective attack

    free point sparing- has taught me to fallow attacks up, and work on always being prepared for what an oponant will do next and just the natural energy of a fight. Kihon taught me how to build power and increase power by using my hips. Kata has taught me series of attacks that work for self defence. Karate has taught me not to fight but how to defend myself. I am a scrawny 16 year old girl who is still alive.

  14. john.mark3614 says:


  15. Shihan J says:

    i have used it for over 30 years and it works fine for me.

    if you cant or your friends can’t use it then you must be defective, perhaps you should be return for a model that works

  16. James D says:

    Why did the guy go into that gay ass stance.

    My friend does kung fu but if he gets into fights(rare) he takes a more freestyle approach, he doesn’t go into stances.

    Gotta love the music on the vid tho

  17. judge says:

    I’ve been forced to use it several times, sometimes against multiple opponents, I’ve never been beaten.

  18. tony c says:

    i have successfully defended myself against a knife attack using taekwondo using only kicks.

  19. Call Mesir says:

    yes i have i have many friends who study shotokan a very powerful style of karate and its worked for them

    i myself study taekwondo and teach self defence.

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