Heian Kata that involve the use of a bo?

I already know Heian Shodan and Heian nidan, I want to learn however several Kata Techniques that involve the use of a bo, please cite sources of websites where i can print directions or find instructional videos, thanks best answer will get 5 stars.

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5 Responses to Heian Kata that involve the use of a bo?

  1. Jim R says:

    None of the hian kata use weapons. None of the karate forms use a weapon either. Find someone that also teaches kobudo beside karate if you wish to use the bo.

  2. hanna boloto says:

    Karate Martial Arts doesn’t involve any weapon…
    why don’t you learn kobudo like my senseis….?
    anyway if you already kno heian shodan and heian nidan, why don’t you start learning heian sandan, heian yondan, heian godan, bassai dai, bassai sho, etc…
    well, i’ve only reached the kata jion in shotokan karate before our dojo changed into shorin ryu style…

  3. LIONDANCER says:

    Karate does not have weapons. Weapons is a style all of it’s own and is called Kobudo. Since they are two different styles the empty hand forms do not carry over into the weapons. It’s not like you know a Karate Kata and you can just take a weapon into your hand and do the Karate Kata with the weapon. It just doesn’t look right, kind of like you don’t know how to use a bo effectively. The body mechanics are just different and you would have to make adjustments for that. By the time you make all the adjustments to make it work with the weapon you just might as well learn the weapons Kata.

  4. Kokoro says:

    ahh now the first question of yours i ran across makes more sense, the answer is still no.
    as both Jim R and Liondancer just told you get an instructor.

    and btw you dont know the heian kata yet, after you have be training and taking them apart for 50yrs you might begin to understand.
    after 30yrs i’m still learning about them.

  5. Dave M says:


    Kara = empty
    te = hand

    Empty hand = No weapons.

    I’m sure Kara also means Chinese…in Japanese but I’m not totally up on my Japanese.

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