how can i prepare myself for my first lesson in karate? is there anything i can do to prepare myself?

i am new to the world of karate, and i was wondering if there’s any way i can begin to prepare myself? is there any warm ups i can do at home until i start my class? are there any basics i can work on until i start my class?

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  1. Shihan J says:

    you dont have to prepare, just show up to class and practice at home what they teach you

  2. Annonymous J says:

    Congratulations on starting Karate! I do Tae Kwon Do and it was one of the best choices I ever made! Being in a good martial arts class will do more for you than you could ever think it would.

    You don’t really have to do anything to prepare. However, I would read about the school a little before going in. It might help you feel more comfortable. Some schools do stretching in class. I would recommend doing some stretched before class, just in case (Like Touching your toes, bending to the side, etc)

  3. Luann Nguyen says:

    Umm.. Not really Karate isn’t that complicated. Just make sure when you throw a punch your fists have to be tight and strong. And your stance is strong and balanced. This is what you need to know becuase if you are not balanced karte will be super hard. If you want to do warm ups all you gotta do is normal basic stretches. It makes your muscles loose so when you do a karte move you dont cramp or anything. Good Luck…

  4. Bull in the China Shop says:

    You’ll really be better off if you start with basic stretching exercises. Calisthenics are fine for a beginner and you may want to consider Yoga. Anything that will improve your muscle tone and flexibility will benefit you. If you’re really serious about it you may want to try a simple weight routine using light weights. When I say light I mean really light, nothing more than 5 pounds. You want to try doing a lot of reps using small weights to increase your muscle tone and endurance.

  5. Kat says:

    nup. just remember to be on time and bring a water bottle and small towel/hankerchief maybe. also, wear loose clothing (your gym clothes is okay, jeans and a tight top isn’t)…

    good luck~!

  6. Gareth says:

    Bring a towel and a bottle of water.

    Wear looser gym clothes and be open minded and accept what you are being told.

    Also don’t go there with high expectations of yourself. You will not be a master after 1 lesson. Don’t get frustrated when you struggle to understand the techniques, loose your balance, have awful timing etc. The techniques take a lot of time to learn and longer to master, and everyone is pretty bad when they start, even when doing the basics. Don’t let that bother you. Also the instructor should correct your poor technique (they won’t expect black belt skill from you but they should push you for better than your actually capable of), again don’t let this bother you, don’t take the criticism personally and don’t get upset at the instructor for endlessly correcting you. Its not personal, its how you improve, and its the same for everyone.

  7. arashiford says:

    The most important thing I would add to the other answers is just to go without any preconceptions. Start from absolute scratch with an open mind, don’t try to emulate what you think karate is. Training by yourself is a beginner is a big no-no, it’s so easy to gain bad habits right from the off. Every club is different, and if you have no previous experience in karate, it will all seem very unnatural at first. The best thing you can do is just listen to what you are being taught, take your lead from the other students, and most importantly try your best – in the karate itself and in maintaining a respectful and friendly attitude.

    You might want to go along and watch a session first, so that you can see what goes on, and whether you want to get involved. There are some stellar clubs out there, and some terrible. Pay attention to the important things, such as – is everybody respectful of each other? I once went along to a club to get my sister started in karate, and during the first half an hour a teenage black belt with much more pent-up anger than sense broke my nose. I don’t mean to make it sound awful, but it’s really important to note things like how much emphasis is placed on safety and control.

    You can try and stretch, and improve your flexibility, which will make a lot of things easier. Also building up at least a minimum amount of cardiovascular strength, through running or something – will make it easier to keep up when the going gets tough, as it undoubtedly will. There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of breath when you’re trying to learn something, just keep pushing through.

    If you can get hold of any books, either for beginners, or something like Gichin Funakoshi’s (the founder of shotokan karate) biography, which gives a bit of insight into the founding principles of karate, self-control, discipline and respect. Only if you’re interested that is. YouTube can also be a good resource.

    Most importantly perhaps – ENJOY IT! Karate is one of the most rewarding things I could ever have done, but every single one of us has to start as a blank slate at the beginning. It’s an exciting start!

  8. moominpics says:

    Like the other guys say, you don’t have to do anything to prepare. you’re a beginner. I would suggest, tho’, making sure you’ve had a shower/changed your underwear before and that your feet are washed. It’s embarrassing realising how grotty those feet look when you take your socks off!

  9. Apostle P says:

    Buy a Karate gi with a white belt. This is more than enough for the moment.

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