How can I quit my karate club?

I have been doing karate for around 5 years now and have reached 2nd brown belt (2 away from black). However, recently, there has been a change of atmosphere in the club and I have decided I no longer want to take part. But, how can I persuade my parents to allow me to quit, because at the moment they insist i keep going and how to do I tell my coach that I don’t want to attend class anymore?
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  1. Sophie says:

    haha i do karate n im on black i find it soo boring but need to carry it on for my gcse just carry it on uuntill your black then quit “”

  2. industrial accident victim says:

    Surely your Karate training was more about mental attitude and standing up to bullying, other people intimidating or coercing you. Just come straight out with it and say you quit. Say your bored of it…

  3. Setaray says:

    maybe you could tell your parents that you want to spend more time on your studies? and say the same thing to your coach!

  4. Mohammed Q says:

    after you get to black belt,quit class.

  5. says:

    You will regret it! I took marshal arts at the age of five. I was at the same level that you are now. I decided to quit. I was second degree brown belt one away from black. I am now in my thirties, but as I looked back, I thought that I would never quit my dream.My dream was to become a black belt. I went to school after school and not one of those schools was as good as the one I grew up in. I speak from experience. Go all the way to Black belt and than decide from there what you want to do. Good Luck. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. gargoyle says:

    Well since you are a senior student and have been taking for 5 years I would try and see if your sensei could resolve any of the issues (unless he is the issue he should listen) I would say ____ is bothering me so I think i am going to take a break for awhile then do so and if your sensei is any good he will try and change things. Unless its the teacher don’t let other people make you quit. But yo could also look around for another club/martial art to please your parents.

  7. koikaze says:

    I say just endure it. If the atmosphere is different, then just change your attitude, its all in the mind, right? If you can endure this, you will become a better person and be able to do more with your life..eventually you will become a stronger person.

  8. Frank the tank says:

    Have you tried telling them?

  9. deenzilla says:

    tell your instructor you have not have the heart.
    then he will talk to your parents?

  10. Frizziwigg says:

    You probably wouldn’t need to tell your instructor. They’ll just assume you’ve quit after about 5 weeks of you not being there. Worked for my brother!

    Just tell your parents that karate isn’t your thing!

  11. Bihstriker says:

    dude its sucks but since u are so close to black belt ur best bet is to just finish up get the black belt, and learn as much as possible u can from that teacher and go on to another school, ,

    if there is still a chance to resolve whatever problems are going on at the school try to talk to ur Sensi, is the problem that some of the student are coming in with the wrong attitude, has the atmosphere become more serious or to lax , try talking to whoever is in charge to c if things can be changed up. if not then do whats best for u , get the blackbelt so that u will have that among ur accomplishments and then do find a school that suits u better

  12. monk_yarik says:

    I do not understand why you want to quit ? You probably like martial art , you are close to black belt , keep going man . OK do everything ,what you were doing before , ignore morons even if your sensei is one of them . You pay membership every month , you have rights to required peace and proper way of teaching . I would not quit . I would give them hard time .
    Head up -you are martial artist .

  13. King W says:

    kick your master in the face, so he kicks you out of the club

  14. Colin Lueless says:

    quit before you go for your shodan (first grade black). because there’s nothing worse than ppl who get it and then quit or who say they are a black belt when they haven’t trained for years.
    Black belt is the start of training not the end of it. so to pack in anytime before it is no big deal.
    you’ll be joining the 10 who pack in at your grade out of the 100 who start trainign, leaving only 1 to reach shodan.

    If your Karate has taught you anything it should have taught you how to have enough respect and strength to face upto your sensei and tell him the truth.

    If you cannot do this then you really should pack it in right now.

  15. jeanclaudedanlam says:

    Approach your sensei and have a talk to him. As a student, your always welcome to talk and express your opinion or question. He should be able to give you some advice and maybe help change the problem that’s going around the dojo.

    Approach him and be honest with him. Let him know how you feel and why. If he can correct the problem that’s going around, maybe you’ll stick around longer for your black belt.

  16. nwohioguy says:

    First – if you quit you will be another one of those thousands of people us Sensei run into who always say they wish they would have never quit.

    Second – you need to address your concern with your Sensei first. Maybe what you see as a change is for the better of the dojo. Maybe your Sensei is intentionally pushing your buttons (we all do this to see your caliber of character before black belt).

    Third – why quit? Are you a quitter? If you are then you have evidently never learned what discipline truly is.

    In all the years I trained with my one Sensei I had several times I did not agree with him, his training ideas and he rode me constantly. I never once complained because he was the expert…not me. Now 31 years later I am teaching and I understand everything that he ever put me through from standing in his shoes. If you quit now you are just another wanna be and quitter. Toughen up because you need to just train to become a black belt…which is when your real training will begin.

    To all those people out there who ever quit…regardless of your reasons you are a quitter. Never make excuses and just suck it up…you will end up thanking your Sensei one day as I have (many times). Quitting is not an option…it is a failure…period.

  17. BUSHIDO says:

    grow some and keep training.

  18. standardscouncil says:

    There is probably no greater barrier to your learning than disinterest, and if you feel strongly regarding your decision to quit the school then you should.

    From your question you seem old enough to make these determinations for yourself. However, don’t let a desperation to leave the school make you invent things that are untrue or false, especially in respect of trying to convince your parents.

    Explain to them the causes for the change in atmosphere at your club and discuss with them alternatives.

    Before you do, perhaps you might research other schools in your area which offer similar training and get the details together in preparation for the discussion with your parents.

    As for your teacher, you should after observing the appropriate etiquette, state your case directly and succinctly.

    I wish you all the best and if need be that you must stay at the school, don’t regard the differences that originally made you want to quit the school. Instead, train harder, become the number one student and then when you attain the rank and status with which you can effect a change,change it.

  19. joey says:

    listen kid don’t be a punk finish it ! this part of the journey is almost over finishing is important ! to you and to your parents!

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