How can Israel killing 14 unarmed people be considered “self-defense” in International waters?

If the Somali “pirates” killed their captives, could they too claim self-defense because they thought the captured oil tankers were going to attack Somalia?

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6 Responses to How can Israel killing 14 unarmed people be considered “self-defense” in International waters?

  1. D.Y.A. says:

    We boared unarmed vessels every day in the Persian gulf and the Red Sea Mr. American. We kill people too. We just keep it a secret from the world. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Where did you think they learned how to do it? We have been doing it daily since the late 80;s. Ha!

  2. knight2king3 says:

    UNARMED PEOPLE!?! Oh the irony of it all! Watch the video my friend….if you have any desire to be honest with yourself.

  3. Remember In November says:

    These people were asking for it, and they knew what they were in for. The Palestinian flotilla fired the first shot. Israel responded as it has a right to do. Terrorists claim every part of the world theirs, so “international” is meaningless to them.

  4. flyingpasta1086 says:

    It’s a little different. You’ve got to listen to both sides of the issue, and at this point I’m still not sure what to think. Yes, from an emotional standpoint it sounds terrible. But listen to the rational Israeli side.

    Apparently (I’m not going to pretend I’m 100% sure this is fact) there is an international agreement about the Gaza military blockade. It is generally agreed that the Israeli military has the right to attack anyone who interferes, since it is an area of conflict and they’re supposedly trying to keep out people shipping in weapons. They allegedly allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza after inspection at an Israeli port, the option they offered to the flotilla that approached the blockade. But the freedom flotilla refused and entered the blockade, and the soldiers boarded the ships. They were met with violence (supposedly with knives and machetes) and shot in self-defense. Whether the people were all unarmed and benign or not determines whether the Israeli soldiers had the right to react with violence.

    There are a lot of if’s involved, and it’s a complicated issue. You can’t accuse Israel based on what we know.

  5. Oldwhiteguy2earth says:

    The way I see it, Israel declared an embargo against a government who is dedicated to kill Israelis. They attempted to stop ships defying the embargo. They made the mistake of being dropped onto ships which were overloaded with people, some of whom beat and knifed them as they descended. They rightfully responded by shooting some of them to regain control. What’s the problem?

    PS – note to Palestinians: When you are going up against Israeli commandos, it is not advisable to brandish paint pistols (unless you are trying to sway world opinion.)

  6. jeeper_peeper321 says:

    Easy, that stepped foot on the ship and were immediantly attacked by those suppossedly peaceful activist.

    So what right does a passanger on a ship, have to attack someone who repels from a helicopter onto a ship, that they don”t own ?

    The idiots even made Israels case for them, when they posted a video that clearly showed that they attacked the Israeli marines, before the Marines did anything at all.

    When you start trying to attack a Marine with steel bars and knives, and start shooting them and throwing them off an upper deck,

    You have to expect they will defend themselves.

    2. Israel forgot something important.

    They forgot that liberal activist are all violent, just look at every single liberal protest ever held, liberals always commit acts of violence.

    They should try and be peaceful like Tea Party protestors.

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