How do I balance homework, babysitting my little brother, and practicing my kata?

Maybe a combination of the two? Maybe I could teach my little brother my kata, while babysitting him? Mom still insists on babysitting the kid! For goodness’ sake! He’s already 11!

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5 Responses to How do I balance homework, babysitting my little brother, and practicing my kata?

  1. Mr.Jim Lahey says:

    that’s not a bad idea. do kata and make him sit there and watch. Good luck keeping him still tho!

    Other than that, I don’t think kata while doing homework would go so well. ie. you’d be full of pen marks

    But doing kata during ur break at school might get a bad response from your peers haha!

  2. NoddingLilith says:

    My situation is a bit different. I’m a Mom and a student, so I do close to the same juggle with my dancing, homework and tending to my kids. I have found that the three can mesh very well.

    First, I do my homework with my boys. My books get put out at the same time as theirs. Once their work is done, I ask them to read or color (mine are young) for an additional 15-20 minutes just to wrap up what I’m working on. This shows that homework is important to me, and what good study habits look like. The same can easily work for your Brother. Any work I didn’t get done while sitting with them I do after they go to bed (which is 8.30 for me, I know it’s probably different for you).

    As to my dancing, which I view as similar to your katas, I make this a “fun time”. I put on music and I dance with them, while doing the movements I need to work on. In a way they are learning dance with me. If your Brother isn’t interested in learning the katas, put in something he likes (even if it’s the TV) and just go through them near him. I guarantee sooner or later he’ll ask questions or start to mimic you. You can stress the importance of physical movement, and the amazing amount of stress relief that can be experienced. At age 11 you can’t quite say it’ll help with the girls, but sooner or later it will!

    The good news about your Brother being 11 is that you’re not constantly having to breathe down his neck. That does provide flexibility for you. Mainly, though, realize that this is a terrific opportunity to be a very positive influence on him. There is nothing like a big Brother.

  3. Selz says:

    You can just let your brother do his own thing while you’re babysitting, as long as you know what it is – it’s not as if he isn’t capable of having his own interests, right?…then that leaves you some time to get the things that you need to do done.

  4. Jason, Jase, Jesse says:

    Bro, patience is a virtue, man! I know you don’t have that! It might be a good idea if I do your babysitting for you. I can bring Jeremy, and teach them some kata, while you work on your homework, then, we’ll spar later! Deal?


  5. darren h says:

    do your homework when your babysitting and let them look at TV or play game when you r doing your homework and you will get your homework all over

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