How do I do my jumping double front snap kicks better?

Hi, thanks a lot for reading this!
I am almost 16, and I am testing for my brown belt soon. I am learning a new kata called kusanku dai and it has a jumping double front snap kick in it. How do I do this kick better? I know I just need to pop that second leg out quicker, and Iv’e been practicing it, but its really really difficult! Any tips are greatly appreciated! Thank you! God bless!

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  1. subotaix says:

    For effectiveness in a combat situation, the double front snap kick does not have to be aimed very high. The knee of your rear leg should come up and the kick should snap at the knee, groin, or ribs of your opponent. Your opponent’s natural reaction is to keel forward, making his face an easier (and lower) target for your second front snap kick.

    To help you perform better, try this: keep both knees slightly bent in your stance, and after your first kick snaps forward then back with the rear leg (make sure your knee is bent and in the raised position), jump with the lead leg by pushing off the ground and continuing with the next snap kick. If you don’t snap each kick and you let your leg hang out there, it will be much more difficult and slower. It will also be much harder if you aim each kick high.

    Start with your kicks aiming low and then work your way up. The trick is to work on your stretching and leg strength, after that the jumping and kicking coordination will come with practice.

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