How do you get graded in karate?

I’m thinking of taking up karate for self defense and I would like to know some things about karate before I start and anything else I might need to know please tell me

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  1. Cedors Mul says:

    You’ve got basically two disciplines…. fighting ( sparring) and kata ( fight against an imaginary opponent….you have to learn each kata off by heart…. they have different names like Pinan shodan,Pinan nidan, Pinan sandan etc..

    Depending on which style you choose to study, the belts go something like this:


  2. Graeme H says:

    well you need a licence 1st when i went it was £80 but you sensei (teacher) will sort that out and go for grading every so often which the sensei will also sort out for you

  3. J says:

    Testing should be the more suited term. There are places that use the term grade, graded and grading, but almost all of these places are usually watered down versions of the art they offer. Places like Black Belt Academy and the ATA use the term grade and I suggest staying away from places like these.

    First thing you should be aware of is Karate is specifically denoting of Okinawan Karate. Many people, even so called experts, call Taekwondo which is a Korean art as Karate. There are around 50 different styles of Karate and it’s best to find a school that doesn’t advertise as simply “Karate” but informs of the style they teach.

    Testing itself is just an observation of your performance by the instructor(s). It’s generally excepted you need to have memorized the required curriculum (forms, techniques, drills, etc.) being taught to you and show a certain amount of achievement in them.

  4. John Burridge says:

    I train with GKR Karate – whether you want to train with them or not, their website has STACKS of information that is relevant to training in any karate style. There is also a section that tells you everything you need to know before grading to each level

    good luck with your training, you will love it!

  5. NEjeffersonavenue says:

    karate is mostly punches and strikes, with a few kicks. You do patterns of movements (kata),
    sparring, self defense drills, basic motions, and exercises.
    In some schools you do weapons (kobudo).

    you test periodically to advance, here is a sample belt system
    brown one tip
    brown two tips
    brown three tips


    black dans 1-5
    red/white dans 6-8
    red dans 9-10

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