How do you store and keep your self defense weapon ready??

Do you keep the mag inserted? Keep the mag out? How many loaded mags? Keep a round in the chamber? Keep the gun in a lock box? In your night stand drawer? A couple gun’s in different parts of your house? Mags in different parts of your house? Under lock and key in some way? Have a self defense kit (ie flashlight, mase, taser, alarm whistle, etc) What ammo do you use for self defense?

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13 Responses to How do you store and keep your self defense weapon ready??

  1. METROPOLIS1 says:

    Shotgun….. Hanging behind / on the back of the bedroom door….. A bath robe hangs over it…. 4 rounds in the mag tube…. Safety on….

  2. Mountain Man says:

    I have a night stand next to my bed it has two drawers…junk in the top one and underwear in the bottom……..I keep my RIA 45 under the bottom one C0CKED and locked ..I simply pull the bottom drawer all the way out and theres my gun… and handy…….

  3. Going Ballistic says:

    Colt COMMANDER MK IV 1 inserted magazine, loaded with FMJ. 1 round in the chamber, saftey off. On the nightstand next to my clock. Collapsable steel police baton in the nightstand drawer. If worse comes to worse, Ithaca 37 one in the chamber behind the filing cabinet. OO Buck shot.

  4. ews says:

    Springfield 1911, in the night stand, loaded mag, empty chamber

  5. THX 1138 says:

    I keep mine locked and loaded and usually on me or very near. I don’t leave extra guns laying around my house (or hidden). They are all locked in a very good safe. If I have to take on an intruder, I am sure one mag will be sufficient to deal with the problem. For general around town carry, I use a 13 rd mag, at night or at my farm, I use a 16 rd mag. The longer 16 rd mag makes the gun a bit easier to grab in the dark off my headboard should the need arise.

    BTW: I carry a Springfield XD 9 subcompact about 90% of the time. Right now I like Remington’s Golden Saber in 147gr.

  6. John S says:

    Mag inserted-chamber empty.
    1 45 on the night stand, and a 9mm on the dresser. Extra loaded mags in the dresser.

    I keep the chamber empty only because I have a toddler in the house. He can not rack the slides. Once he gets older I may alter this a little.

  7. fireboytommy says:

    Mag in, fully loaded. Sometimes I have a round in the chamber, hammer down. Safety off.

    When friends or family come by

    Mag in, fully loaded, no round in chamber, safety off. (I keep the gun still hidden though, but if they do end up looking at it)

    I stash my guns wherever I feel necessary, drawer, near the TV, withing 5 feet of reach. Keep one extra loaded mag, or two. Anymore you will fumble with and it will get you killed.

    Never put the gun in the lock box unless I’m leaving the house, or children are around.

    No self defense kit, my 92fs night sights is my defense kit.

    I use 9mm 124gr FMJ. HP is also very good but then you lose some reliability. In my eyes, I’d rather have my gun go bang every time. Either one is great. I also have a .45 but that’s a bit too much recoil and muzzle flash especially in a night time situation.

  8. VLD says:

    Mossberg 500, 7 in the mag, hammer down on empty chamber.

  9. Harry says:

    keep it loaded with a flare in a bag behind a gown under ur bed, have an air rifle and a knife down there if u can, dont keep too much ammo down there or if he gets the weapon off u he’ll use it against u

  10. Andy says:

    Currently Kimber 1911 .45 ACP by my bed in condition three, loaded magazine with an empty chamber. It sits atop a magazine pouch with two magazine and beside a Surefire P6 light. Using Remington Golden Saber 230 gr BJHP. All other firearms are locked in the safe. In the safe S&W 686 with two loaded speed loaders and AR-15 with loaded 20 rd magazine.

  11. DFTR says:

    Keep a Colt 38 revolver on nightstand during evening. Daytime it gets locked away. Also keep a 12ga in closet with full load of 00 Buck. Safety off Has LED light on barrel. Daytime I keep a 32 pistol around house. It varies where ever I am. Has grip type safety that keeps tension off firing pin. Loaded with hollow point and one in chamber. It gets locked away at night. The remaining firearms stay loaded. One round in chamber and safety on. They are normally locked at night and unlocked day.

  12. Michael says:

    I believe in a layered defense. I do not keep several guns hidden around the house – I have five grand kids.

    My defense guns are all in my bedroom. Lotus Blossom, my foul tempered Rottweiler, will warn me of any intruder and do her best to “entertain” them until I get to my guns.

    First up is the Remington 870 pump shotgun, 12 gauge, loaded with #4 buckshot, usually Federal. This gun is tucked in a corner of a closet. Chamber is empty.

    Next up is my S&W, 629 revolver, 44 mag. Loaded with Winchester .44 Special, 200 gr. Silvertip HP. This gun is in a Gun Vault on my night stand.

    Last up is the wife with her S&W 411, .40 cal., loaded with Hornady’s 155 gr. XTP JHP. This gun is chambered and kept in the wife’s Gun Vault, on her night stand. She also has a spare mag. loaded.

    I usually do have my carry gun, A Kimber Pro Raptor, in the room as well. I have a small lock box for it in a dresser drawer with its two spare (loaded mags). This gun is loaded with Fiocchi Extrema 200 gr JHP (a hornady XTP bullet). I prefer the 200 gr. round for this gun and this particular bullet seems to work quite well.

    I do have a large Mag light flashlight, left over from my patrol days. A handy light and fearsome club.

    I do have pepper spray, but I don’t think I’d opt to use it in the house. Too much of a chance that I get effected as much as who ever I spray in the confines of the house.

  13. ishootbirds2 says:

    HD primary: leaning against dresser between door and dresser. its pretty hidden but very accessible.
    Romanian WASR-10/63 GP, unloaded, slant brake
    5x30rd (150 rounds) magazines for emergencies only
    15x10rd (150 rounds) magazines for show, CA legal purposes.
    currently loaded with Yugo military ball, corrosive, FMJ, 123 grain
    a Norinco AK47 bayonet is nearby, sharpened and ready to kill someone if need be. usually its just a box cutter.

    nearby I have a 30 cal ammo can containing 495- 7.62x39mnm rounds, more Yugo military ball. in my closest I have yet another can holding 315 rounds of Wolf Military Classic, fmj, 123 grain.

    I have another gun under my bed, its a bunk bed with lower part removed for storage,
    Mosin Nagant M91/30 on a CBRPS bullpup stock, total length 36.5 inches (only 1″ more than my AK47) Kobra reflex sight, LED flashlight / green laser combo,
    6 clips of USSR light ball, mild steel core (not AP) nearby.
    2 boxes USSR light ball, mild steel core in storage nearby
    1 box and 2 clips Czech AP hidden nearby
    its more of a display gun that happens to be functional too.

    both guns I have ear protection within easy reach, the AK47 will make me deaf forever if fired without ear protection, the mosin nagant can crack windows, my ear drums are gonna pop like a balloon if fired without ear protection.

    i have a 3.5 watt LED flashlight,
    3.2 million volt stun gun,
    and a huge 18″ machete that’s kinda dull.

    these are just the guns in my room.

    I have a 20 gauge “zip” gun in the master bathroom vent,
    A old homemade 2nd generation 450 volt 200,000 peak discharge amps stun gun in my dad’s bedroom(hidden) it takes 3 minutes to fully charge, but is usable after 30 seconds. its blows away three 9v batteries every 2 full discharges. there’s enough energy kill 26 people, if they were connected in series like light bulbs. it was never used before but I vaporized plenty of paperclips with it.

    an SKS under the sofa in the sitting room, along with 36 loaded clips, a combination of Yugo military ball and wolf military classic, also a set of ear plugs, this sks has a folding bayonet.

    a 20 gauge shotgun in the garage, 10 shells #3 buck, 15 shells#4 bird, 15 shells 3/4 oz slug

    and finally a airsoft gas blow back pistol under the living room sofa. just because its a airsoft gun doesn;t men its not good for home defense. I converted it to fire full auto and inadvertently made it so that with one trigger pull it’ll fire until the co2 runs out, no way to stop it. not very useful unless I wreaked the gas regulator, doubled magazine capacity and loaded 6mm steel BBs in it. in play you’re supposed to use .12 gram plastic BBs, these weigh 8X as much and can break a window from 50 feet away. it went from a cool toy to a taser substitute.

    I have a surprising amount of HD guns, its fun to be prepared. god help whoever break into my house. they better be ready to die or bring more people than I have bullets loaded in magazines, roughly 1050 people.

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