How is Sankukai Karate different to other forms?

I’m learning Sankukai and it all seems good and looks the same as other forms to me but can anyone explain what the difference is between this and Shito-ryu karate for example (please excuse bad spelling of the styles!). I’ve heard it uses more circular movements than other styles but i can’t see the difference myself

I do it purely for seld defense so whether its better or worse than other styles doesnt bother me, i’d just like to know how its different

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  1. Barry R says:

    different spelling. do kung fu it’s better

  2. SenseiRob says:

    Sankukai Karate was created using Judo, Aikido,shito ryu karate and shukokai karate. It is not very old by the other martial art standards but looks very interesting. I’ve always said that a great combination to Karate was Aikido. Heres a website with history that you probably already know.
    Shito-ryu Karate is a traditional Karate that was formed from two seperate style which went on to become Shorin-ryu and Goju-ryu. It is very linear with no circuler moves. It is pretty straight forward with blocks, avoids, punches and some kicks.
    It is pretty much the opposite of Aikido in about every way. Since it is part of your art, you may recognize some of the moves or forms. You would have to find a Shito-ryu Dojo and check it out. Here is a website about the history

    I guess the main diffeence would be that we have no circular movements, just linear.

  3. canada2006 says:

    SANKUKAI karate is a combination of principles and techniques of aikido, judo, shito-ryu karate, and shukokai karate. It was invented by Yoshinao Nanbu, who was born in Japan, Kobe in 1943. Following his successes in Japan, Henry Plée, a great French karate master, invited him to come to France to compete. He won most of the competitions (it is said that Mr. Nanbu has never lost a match in career as a competitor), and returned to Japan after a few years. There he was entrusted with the task of spreading Shukokai in Europe. After a few years, judging his task complete, he founded the system of Sankukai (still practised today). The style not only teaches the traditional Japanese ways of combat. However, as a system, Nanbudo includes much more than just fighting techniques. The system is intended as a holistic method of self defence and training, and combines kido ho and budo ho, the techniques for health and the techniques of combat. It is based upon four concepts: breathing, energy manipulation, gymnastics and spirit/ mental strength. The techniques are a combination of traditional techniques from Japanese martial arts and Master Nanbu’s own philosophy. They are based on movements and patterns in nature, and are intended to work as a system to strengthen the body, as well as prevent many modern-day illnesses.

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