How long does a person get for attempted murder in a self defense case?

I and my fiance were confronted by 3 men whom we know nothing of and they pulled out knives. He protected us in self defense. What is the maximum he can get in “CALIFORNIA” ? Thank You.
Ok. Well, they are trying to charge him with attempted murder because these peoples witnesses were their own friends & there is no evidence but what I have seen and I have some evidence of them confessing that they had knives. But I have not taken it to court yet not until I get enough evidence.

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6 Responses to How long does a person get for attempted murder in a self defense case?

  1. Teekno says:

    Attempted murder requires intent and forethought. If he’s being charged with attempted murder, then the prosecutors do not believe that he knew nothing of the three men.

  2. Studbolt X says:

    I’d kill for you too, hottie.

  3. Tony Z says:

    Well, if it was self defense then how can he be charged with attempted murder?

    I think we are missing some information.

    If it is self defense, then he should not go to jail at all, unless he used excessive force or the 3 men did not have knives as you claim.

  4. Chrissy says:

    Self Defense and Attempted murder are 2 completely different things.
    Self Defense implys you had no other option, therefore you wouldn’t be charged.
    Attempted murder means you actually planned to take a life and attempted to do so.

  5. James says:

    If it’s actually self-defense, he won’t be convicted of anything.

  6. Mark R says:

    Hi, Was he arrested? If they had knives and he was protecting his and your, safety, he will not be in any trouble at all. Here is a site that gives you precise information on the California self defense codes:
    Here is another site with examples of the different definitions of self defense:
    If he can prove self defense, nothing will happen. If he cannot, it would be up to a Judge as to what he asks the jury to consider as charges if they gave the jury a choice. Also, it would depend on the charge the jury brought back and if they found him guilty. The Judge would then sentence according to the statutes set forth for that crime. He does have the choice to consider extenuating circumstances, and give a lessor sentence. However, I just can’t help but think that nothing will happen because of this. MARK

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