How long should karate gi trousers be for kata?

I have a new suit with both kata and kumite trousers. Both pairs are way too long an need to be adjusted.

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6 Responses to How long should karate gi trousers be for kata?

  1. Jocy Dee says:

    I just rolled mine up, the judges never seemed to mind. But if you want to look more professional and such, maybe your sensei will trade a new pair in for you that is shorter.

  2. Rob B says:

    I like mine pretty high. If I’m wearing sneakers, they don’t even touch the top. As an adult, I just get them hemmed. But I tell my kids and their parents to just roll them up or tack them. Never cut them because I’ll be darned if kids don’t grow.

  3. maelani62 says:

    roll them up find a comfortable length then have them hemmed to that length

  4. lahormigaaballarde says:

    you better take them to be adjusted as soon as possible if they are too long they can cost you the fight it will take your concentration in Kumite or katas is a bad feeling practicing with a too long GI. good luck ”

  5. pugpaws2 says:

    I’ll admit that a Gi that has two pair of pants is a new one for me. After nearly 42 years, I’ve not seen that before. Kata and Kumite pants? What is the difference? As far as I can tell Gi pants are Gi pants. As for length…. Have them hemmed so that they touch the top of your foot at the point where the shin and foot come together. A little shorter is fine. For what it is worth. In the 1960’s many Karate Gi pants came only part way between the knee and the foot.

  6. Shihan J says:

    wtf is kata and kumite trousers.

    the length should be what feels comfortable to you, have them hemmed.
    people prefer different lengths, there is no rule saying it has to be a certain length.

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