How long to learn a kata?

1st kata(white belt) how long does it take to do it without stoping doing it fluinitly? I’m pretty good at it just have to get the turns and footing correct

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3 Responses to How long to learn a kata?

  1. Frank the tank says:

    This would be a question for your Sensei, if you are indeed pretty good at it, then you should already know the answer.

  2. Kokoro says:

    to get the movements down a few days to learn the kata a simple one, three years

    to understand the kata, well i’m still working on my first kata that i learned over 30yrs ago.
    as well as perfecting the movement, i’m constantly finding new application for the bunkai (interpretation), so i’ll have to get back to you on that part. see me in another 30yrs

  3. Yag says:

    It takes many years. There is much more to a kata than just moves. Keep practicing :) Good Luck !

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