How long will it take to get good at karate?

I have been doing kickboxing for 2 years and now i am going to do karate 3 times a week! how long will it take to get good at karate!

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12 Responses to How long will it take to get good at karate?

  1. Ray H says:

    It depends on you, some people pick it up faster then others. With your background in kickboxing you most likely will pick it up quickly.

  2. Ranger Smith says:

    only you can decide that by training hard.i have been doing karate for 2 years, once a week. i am now half way to black belt

  3. Tony says:

    According to Mr Miyagi about 30 minutes.

  4. CHV says:


  5. chilliman64 says:

    from a sparring persective you should be good from the start, learning kata etc is what will slow you down – 12-18mths you should be doing ok

  6. No name. says:

    There isn’t a set time frame.

    Someone who is dedicated will obviously pick it up faster than someone who isn’t. You have some knowledge on martial arts so you might pick it up faster than someone who hasn’t got any.

  7. The Lost Symbol says:

    Depends on alot and what you think is “Good”… Is good being able to hold your own in a fight??? Is good being able to teach the class??? What do you feel is “Good”???

    Recieving a black belt means that you are competent in your style’s basic technique… That typically takes four years… But it may also take much, much, much longer…

  8. pugpaws2 says:

    First what is your definition of Good? To some people that would be getting their first promotion, to others it might be 5th, 6th, 7th, … black belt. Even if we knew what you definition of good is, there is still no way to know when you will get there.
    Your kickboxing training will be helpful in you learning since you are more coordinated than someone starting karate with no previous training.

    Best of Luck!

  9. Rob B says:

    Only as long as it takes you to walk to the horizon.

    In other words, you never get “good.” You just improve a little more from the day before. You always chase perfection knowing you’ll never acheive it, but it’s the journey that is important.

    I doubt a lot of this makes sense to you now, but hopefully it will by the time you earn your first dan.

  10. zeMAN says:

    Their is no given time when ever you get good you get good i been doing for 8 years and im undeafible on the streets but when i first started i got good in about 7months.

  11. jbfan30032 says:

    Its just depends on how quick you pick up the material it also depends on how much you learning and the amount of practice you do you should atleast practice an hour!

  12. Randy says:

    check this out. this might interest you!

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