How much is a karate license?

My instructor says i need a karate license to get graded and can i just ask these questions.
.How much is it
.How long does it last for
.Can i use karate on street

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2 Responses to How much is a karate license?

  1. Genegee says:

    l never heard of a license. l did pay to get registered in Japan when l got to brown belt though.

  2. Oscar says:

    Never heard of a karate license. Sounds like someone is doing a splendid con job on you. What ever this guy is teaching you, I wouldn’t try on the street unless you are a big fan of pain.

    Most karate taught in the US is more a sport than anything else. It is all about the rules to keep the students from getting hurt and suing the instructor. Winning trophies is also big. Street fighters don’t care squat about rules, they will kick you where it hurts the most while your leg is in the air and hit you in the head with boards and bottles. Then kick the crap out of you while you lay there bleeding.

    I have one of those black belts, earned in my younger days. They don’t even do a good job of holding your pants up. That is why the uniforms have a separate draw string for that. There is a big difference between the movies and real life.

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