How to learn self-defense without taking a class?

I need to learn some type of self-defense fighting style. Unfortunately I currently don’t have the money to pay $100/month for a class (that’s about how much it costs where I live) and I’m really short on cash these days. I need to learn fast, at least enough to defend myself when I need to. I don’t want to hurt anyone extremely bad but just enough for them to understand to back off. Tips? Advice?

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8 Responses to How to learn self-defense without taking a class?

  1. Alex says:

    Buy a can of pepper spray and a pocket taser. These will help you much more than not taking a self defense class…

  2. John says:

    Just go to nightclubs on weekends and start a beef everywhere you go. Win or lose you will learn a move or two. Over time you’ll be one badass mofo.

  3. Laredo says:

    Work out your arms and toughen your fists by using a punching bag; be sure and wear boxing gloves to protect your fists until you numb the nerves so they won’t hurt when you punch. Learn to punch harder and harder as you get faster and faster. You can do the same with your kicks but DO NOT kick with your toes or you will break them, use the side of your foot. Learn to kick higher and harder with each kick. Strength and speed always give you an advantage. Don’t do a sissy punch by swinging from behind yourself; always punch from no further back than your waist/shoulder. That helps you to punch harder by using your body weight and you will be less likely to catch a punch straight in the face.

    Buy a magazine called “Karate” and read all the instructions in it. There is also one called “Self Defense.”

    Never start a fight just to show what you can do because I have only told you how to DEFEND yourself. Always keep your eye on your opponent’s hands and feet so you can deflect their blow.

  4. Frank the tank says:

    The same way you get a college degree without going to college, you can’t.

    My suggestion would be to carry pepper spray.

  5. wukong says:

    go to your local bookstore(Barnes&Nobel, etc.) and buy a book on martial arts

  6. ¨ says:

    It may sound weird but go watch these Krav Maga videos on Youtube. It also show how to disarm someone with a weapon or other things.

  7. Ymarsakar says:

    If you want to avoid dangers, then you can learn if you follow the guidelines and instructions here.

    Dealing with dangers when they pop up, a little bit different.;_ylt=Atl8AjwlXEHJ0gHtknQOwyfty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101202155600AAcuoGt

    Website link is in my Q, and you can read what others here thought about it.

  8. Kemjiu ® says:

    You can achieve and attain some important skills and knowledge if you are personally having your training at some legit dojo, with qualified instructor that can explain things to you conveniently, according to the matter that you want to know, he can correct, comment and settled things that need immediate correction, this is about when, what, who and how question that only Instructor with broad skills and knowledge regarding Martial Arts can clearly clarify and answer things.

    Without proper guidance from any qualified Instructor, things will turn into mess; because you will not able know if what you did is correct or wrong, you will just develop some bad habit that hard to break soon, wherein you are prone to any injury due to less understanding on some important methods and applications.


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