How will a pocket knife do for self defense?

So I keep one by my bedside along with a airsoft gun, so how will the knife do for self defense? Would it be better to use the airsoft gun?

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15 Responses to How will a pocket knife do for self defense?

  1. H Murlock says:

    You’d be better off running from someone than using a toy gun and a pocket knife to defend yourself. If you think someone’s in your house who intends to do you harm, hide and call 911. Dont try to take them on with a pocket knife.

  2. Bill says:

    A pocket knife for self defense is better than nothing — but not much better.

    You begin your sentence with “So” and you propose a pocket knife and an airsoft gun for self defense.

    Evidently, your goal is for the intruder/s to laugh themselves into submission.

  3. Bomani Chisulo says:

    Like I told someone else if you shot an intruder with an airsoft it’ll just make him made he’ll beat you half to death rob you take your toy and leave shoot them with a real gun he ain’t coming back, stab him that’s to close for comfort what if he over powers you and takes your knife? Baseball bat with a crack to the head will stop one guy but if there’s multiple intruders a gun would be worthy I’m guessing your not old enough to buy a real gun or your family is anti gun either way your home defense isn’t the best. Learn to box beat they @$$ but if there’s more then one again your screwed get training for the knife though and get trained in boxing and karate or just mma I don’t care I box good luck trying to defend yourself if you can’t get your knife or toy

  4. Mr.357 says:

    The pocket knife in untrained hands will give the bad guy an ouchie. A pillow will probably work better than the air soft toy.

  5. Brady says:

    airsoft gun is utterly useless. If anything it will harm you. If the attacker mistakes it for a real gun you’ll just get shot

  6. brandon says:

    Keep a knife and a small flashlight with you all the time. It is a good EDC protocol. While a knife does have limited applications, it does offer a potentially lethal last-ditch tool for self defense.

  7. BlkBear says:

    A pocket knife is only as useful to you, as your abilities to control the knife and keep the knife, in close combat. Ideally you never really want to be that close to an attacker, but there are times that can’t be helped.

    So it will really depend on the pocket knife. If you can’t open the knife without using both hands or have to reach into a bag or backpack, fiddle with a zippered pockets, it will pretty much be worthless to you if you are ambushed, say as an ATM or parking garage. So before you depend on a “pocket knife”, you may want to learn some form of hand to hand fighting (with and without hand weapons), boxing, martial arts, etc, that will help you learn how to fight and how to put down and keep down any attacker as well as how to keep distance between you and an attacker.

    An airsoft gun is only going to make the person you are shooting at, madder than a wet hen with murder on it’s tiny little brain.

  8. Harry says:

    Even if you are untrained in knife fighting, as long as you can quickly deploy the blade with a thumb assist, spring assist, or automatic spring action then you are better armed with it than nothing. A conventional lockback folding knife without a thumb assist just gives you an opportunity to fumble with deploying the blade. Like any weapon in your possession, rather blade or gun, learn to use it. Take a class, get martial arts training, or even rent a few books on knife fighting from your local library and practice a kata or general strikes.

    And the airsoft toy? For self defense, its only good for if you want to hit someone with a big hunk of plastic.

  9. db3300 says:

    Don’t forget the old saying: Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. You might also not want to bring an airsoft gun to a gun fight. I’m not trying to be a smarta$$ but get yourself a real self-defense weapon.

  10. RED says:

    You should scrap the airsoft & get at least something like a .22 pistol or rifle. These guns are not that expensive.

  11. says:

    * A pocket knife when applied and used correctly against anyone is a extremely deadly weapon.*

  12. august says:

    You would be better off getting rid of both of those and keeping a baseball bat or pool cue next to your bed.

    A pocketknife isn’t made for fighting. It’s a tool. Even the so-called “tactical” pocketknives are junk for fighting unless you’ve been HIGHLY trained in knife fighting. An airsoft gun is a toy. Shoot someone with that, and either they’ll use their REAL gun to blow your frickin’ brains out, or they’ll shove the airsoft toy so far up your posterior orifice that you’ll be spitting airsoft BBs.

  13. Drew says:

    Here’s the thing about using a knife for self-defense:

    It’s a lot harder to kill a person with a knife than other weapons, so if you do end up killing someone with your pocket knife, you’re going to need several GOOD witnesses to testify in your favor. Otherwise when you get sued, and it’s not an if it’s a WHEN, the jury will look at you as a murderer whose intention was to kill.

    If you want something to keep next to your bed in case of an intruder, until you’re old enough to have a REAL gun, get a baseball bat

  14. sno f says:

    only good if you are trained with it. other wise hope an lunge. an the airsoft gun wtf.

  15. Bryan says:

    I would say the knife is a better bet. A fake airsoft gun is not going to do much good if you are in danger

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