I am a 4th Kyu in GKR karate, if i changed to another style of karate will i have to start from white belt?

Not feeling very challenged anymore in GKR and have read a lot a lot of views on the internet which i can relate to about GKR.

But if i do a different style of karate i dont fancy having to start from a white belt again.

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12 Responses to I am a 4th Kyu in GKR karate, if i changed to another style of karate will i have to start from white belt?

  1. Squidmaster says:

    Yes, you’d have to start over. Different discipline, different style, different moves.

  2. IDF says:

    Not necessary , but most likely .

  3. Murad Berhanu says:

    Yes, you will. A different style of karate is still a different martial art, therefore you have to start over.

  4. Jim R says:

    When you begin something, you would start at the beginning wouldn’t you?
    No shame in starting at the beginning.

  5. Aiden says:

    You may have to but it depends on the instructor and association, some will allow it, some will not.

  6. pugpaws2 says:

    You take with you the abilities you have learned, and your knowledge. You are not a belt rank, you are a person that has developed some knowledge and ability. What belt you may be at another school should have no importance in your decision. If you do change schools, you will learn faster than someone that does not have the background you have…..

  7. Daoshi says:

    GKR is a mcdojo so you should want to let go of anything they give you.

    Find a real school and forget about GKR.

  8. Sheepy says:

    It really depends what you have learned and taken from your training so far. It’s likely that if you join another karate club, that initially you will be down to a white belt again, but if you have the technique then you should be able to grade quicker as you already know a lot of the things. However that’s up to the individual association/club and you should have a chat to them once you’ve found a decent place to train.

  9. Kokoro says:

    do you know the other style where you trained in it, do you know all there techniques up to that rank?
    no you dont, so you have ti start from white belt, perhaps a little higher, you will move up more quickly then the others.

    more importantly gkd is a mcdojo, i wouldn’t even consider it karate, you will be better off in a diffrent style where you will learn real martial arts.

  10. Ymarsakar says:

    Take a different style entirely then, if you want something new to start with. If you don’t like karate punching or kicking, go into judo or aikido.

  11. scotttomlinson39 says:

    i have heard of this happening from my sensi he did a diffrent style and he,s a 4th dan shoto kan karate
    the only diffrence between styles are the katas,( punches and kicks are all the same) if you have changed styles i think you will be expected to learn the new katas droping a belt dose not affect what you have learnt or your skills that you have doveloped , belt colour is over rated you can look extreamly good doing kata but ive seen some black belts that are compleatly (useles in a fight) so dont worry about the coulor of you belt just stick at it. if you had to fight in the street your not gonna be wearing your belt. 😉

  12. Luke says:

    If you prove you are as good as the belt you are in the other style then you can keep it but there may be different katas and stuff. In my class we have one person who moved from a different style and whent straight to brown belt

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