I don’t have the time as I used to go to the dojo?

Lately since I been at College I ain’t been going to my dojo to train cause of my schedule is really busy. At college I’m doing a sports course (sport and public services) and we do exercise there cause of the course. I’m a brown belt in karate and I do boxing a little. Yesterday I was changing my exercise routine, schedule cause I want time to train and rest you know… So I came up with a solution and sorted my routine out but that would mean I be doing karate once a week :S. I do train outside the dojo doing karate. But I wont be gouge to the dojo as much to do karate with my sensei. I know the foundation of karate and that, I do ask my brother to help with blocks, kumite etc… I am hoping to be a pe teacher at a primary school when I’m older. Aswell at my dojo sometimes you see the black belts come cause they have jobs aswell. But they do train still outside the dojo. When you get older it is fitting things in and making a schedule to fit around you know. My question is that I ask… Have anyway of you people in the same situation and what are your thoughts on it? I mean not having enough time to train at the dojo. I do train outside the dojo but it’s funny that when my dojo is open it is on days where it’s hard to get the time around aha :S thanks for any answers and thoughts :)

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  1. Jas Key says:

    Practicing in the dojo is obviously the best choice, however you can’t let the rest of your life fall apart for your training. So if it’s for the bettering your life overall then you should take few days off from the dojo. With such conditions solo training on your days off is the way to go.

    You won’t learn as many new techniques however your foundation will be solidified as you review all your knowledge and techniques. The downside is that, there is no place to practice like the dojo. If you are training at home then you’ll be confined by the space and the neighbors you have. So you might not be able to kick properly and etc. I would go and search for a park or school gym area where you’ll be able to practice more freely. Also practicing at home I find is very distracting.

    When I train at home I train for about 30 mins with light movements to minimize the sound and to keep myself from breaking things. When I’m out in the woods I can practice for a lot longer with full range of motion. If you are going to be stuck at home I would also advice you to get free weight or karate weight training equipments(hojo undo) and work with that as well.

  2. LIONDANCER says:

    Once a week in the dojo will work. You just practice what you learned on your own. Talk to your teacher and see if he will give you a few minutes after your class to give you some pointers what to work on to make your training at home a little more focused. Training is not so much in the quantity as it is in the quality. You can train all day but if you only run through your things sloppily it is not going to help you a lot. As you take on more responsibilities in life time becomes more precious and you will have to find ways to make your training time better. So when you practice on your own find something to improve and work on that. Don’t just run through your things mindlessly. This type of practice takes a lot more self discipline. You have to make the time, you can’t have other things distract you while you practice and there is noone to kick your butt. But it is perfectly doable.
    I learn(ed) long distance from some of my teachers (one is in China now which is not exactly around the corner either) and have done so successfully for years now. I keep note books of the things I learn because when I do see my teachers training is very intense and very long. The notes help me remember more when training on my own especially when what I learned is new and I know I won’t be seeing my teacher again for a few months. So just keep at it. At brown belt you should have enough to keep you busy on your own for a few weeks at least.

  3. Cecil Ryu Martial Arts says:

    If you do karate, you have forms. That is what forms are for: solo practice. Practice your forms a lot and in different ways: slow, medium, fast, with tense motion, natural motion, different rhythms. Let your teacher know what is going on and see what ideas he/she has as well. Eventually, you will have some time to return to the dojo. For now, though, you need to practice on your own as much as your schedule will allow.

    Slow and steady can win the race. I got my black belts even though I have a job and family. It took a long time, but, it did happen.

  4. Ray H says:

    You are in college, concentrate on your schoolwork.

  5. VK4L says:

    I’m currently a university student and my schedule has been really packed lately. Right now I go to Karate twice a week and Judo once a week. I used to go a lot more often but it’s been really hard to fit things in. I also try to go to the gym or a long distance run once or twice a week to keep in shape.

    I regularly train at home so I can retain what I’ve learned, I go over things such as Kihon (basics), Kata (forms), and Ido Geiko (moving basics). I usually only spar in dojo or when I can get some friends together.

    – Hope this helps!

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