I have several questions regarding Self-Defense.?

1.When can a person claim self-defense, if another person has been killed in an altercation? (like in a fight for example, assuming ofcourse that the victim-person killed- was the aggressor)

2.If you have been threaten with death, an it is apparent that the individual will most likely carry out the threat, can you go after the person and kill them first and claim self-defense?

3.The same question above but the threaten person is a loved one instead.

4.If an altercation breaks out in your presence, and you see one individual severely beating another, like in a domestic dispute or something, i.e boyfriend/girlfriend. If you intervene (minding your own business has been the conventional way of thinking about it) and the aggressor gets killed, can you claim self-defense?

5.Are order of protections and restraining orders effective at all? I mean really all they do is state in a piece of paper that such and such needs to stay away. If they wanted to kill you, they’ll find awy

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  1. duoak says:

    You can claim self defense any time you are being attacked/injured or being threatened, where the threat of attack or injury is imminent. However, you are only allowed to use a proportionate amount of force in self defense.

    For example, if a person is coming at you (with only his hands, no weapons, etc.) then you can hit him back or put up your hands or use something to defend yourself. If he’s just trying to hit you, you can’t take out a gun and try to shoot him.

    However, if someone is trying to kill you or rape, you can use physical violence – you can kill him before he rapes or kills you. This holds true if you are trying to defend someone else against an attack.

    For most people (when they get angry and things get a bit out of hand), being contacted by police or summoned to court and served with restraining orders is sufficient. However, there are always psychos out there.

  2. Rhythm says:

    1: you can claim self-defense at any time, get a lawyer.

    2: no.

    3. no.

    4. lethal force may be used to prevent death or great bodily harm (including rape) and may be justified, get a lawyer.

    5. slightly effective, if they show up they can be arrested instead of just sent away. if they are arrested you are safe for the time they are in jail. (but may be more pissed when they get out)

    If you end up killing this stalker or whoever, you can bet this question on yahoo answers will be used against you as a very strong piece of evidence. Get a gun or two, make a safe room, educate your family and do NOT go looking for trouble.

    Maybe get a CPL and take home defense courses. (they are fun)
    Ya know what? Your questions are all answered in detail, and discussed by a lawyer from your own State in detail when you take a class to qualify you for a CPL. I really suggest you learn what you can and can not do, and the best ways to avoid and discourage the situation from escalating.

  3. Robert J says:

    I’ll leave the rest to wiser people, but I can tell you about restraining orders. READ ONE. They don’t say anything. They say that if you do such and such, somebody may complain.

  4. irish_american_psycho says:

    As this question is ambiguous, especially since the right answer is dependent upon which state you live in, what charges you are facing, and many other factors that can not be considered in a hypothetical sense, the best advise is: get an attorney. IF you choose not to, then go to your nearest college campus and grab some law books. Go online to your local criminal court’s website, see if they scan opinions and judgments and search same.

  5. Chivalry77 says:

    1. claim self defense after the fight ends and let the Lawyer do his job from there.
    2. Hell No you would go to jail for premeditated Murder.
    3. Same as above but you might be able to get off if a shrink can prove your were driven mad and or insane by the other person.
    4. I doubt you could claim self defense because you willingly joined in and at the time of death the aggressor was out numbered so in most courts eyes you should not have needed deadly force unless this person was a trained fighter.
    5. Hell no they are a joke if you are in that kind of trouble you should move out of state and in any case get your self some self defense classes.
    Good Luck.

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